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7 Fabulous Front Door Ideas
7 Fabulous Front Doors

7 Fabulous Front Door Ideas

7 Fabulous Front Doors and Why They Work

There are all kinds of front doors, entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors steel doors fiberglass doors and wood doors. Your basic single entry front door, which basically is a single regular size 32 inch or 34 inch wood or steel door. These doors are big enough for the homeowner to be able to move their larger items into the home such as fridges and living room furniture such as the couch or Chesterfield which are large items. And even so in some cases these doors have to be removed to maximize the opening for moving.

  Entry doors get the most abuse because they are continually used daily. Since the doorway is the first thing that basically a person sees when they look at your home, it should look neat and tidy and welcoming which reflects the type of person you are. Keeping your entrance wayr in tip top good-looking shape, really shows who you are as a homeowner.

   Main doors can be a serious financial investment depending on the type of door and style. Obviously the least expensive would be the single entry door. Then there are double opening doors that can be spruced up with additional accessories such as sidelights on both sides of the door or a single side light and then of course there can be a decorated glass window, in the door either covering the first top half third,or more or a total window insert in the center of the door with some type of tinted or

smoked glass glaze covering for privacy.

One can purchase a totally prefinished front door that requires nothing except installation. These are the best types of doors because they need the least amount of maintenance and the finish on them when not damaged last the longest. The finish on these doors are factory applied with high technology application methods and have the most weather resistant coatings on them.

Then there are doors that come ready to be stained and finished to suit your design and tastes.

On houses at that have those insulated steel doors that need painting from general wear and tear, there are different ways and approaches to paint these doors. But there is no door that can be painted and closed shut immediately after painting. These doors have to stay open for quite a lengthy period of time for the paint to set and dry. Ultimately the best situation would be to remove the door and put a temporary door in there while the paint job is being done. But since most people can’t do this the next best thing we suggest is to keep the door open all day slightly cracked to keep the weather stripping from touching the door. On complicated passage sets with deadbolt and handle require the items to be removed. Then the entire thing has to be sanded smooth with a fine sandpaper take care not to put scratch marks on. When the entire surface is nice and smooth than a thin coat of finish can be applied. In most cases a second coat could be applied a few hours later. This is the reason why to remove unit and put a temporary door in its place sometimes something as simple as a plywood.

Once the entire door has been painted and has to be closed and locked for the evening it is best to place some wax paper around the edges where the door gets in contact with the weather stripping. This still has to be done though when the paint is dry to the touch. Paint it does not dry enough that it will transfer to another surface under compression until it has cured.

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