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5 Great Interior Decorating Tips That Can Completely Change a Room

Interior Decorating
decorating tips – beautiful selection of colors on ornamental pillows

Interior decorating has become all the rage over the past few years. With the likes of Pinterest and CraftGawker.com the home decorator has more ideas than ever to choose from. But what if you don’t have the money to hire an interior decorator or the time for a complete overhaul. Here are some great simple tips to completely change a room in no time.

Interior Decorating Tips to Change a Room

Hera are some tips

Tips 1. Consider Adding Black To Your Decorating Concepts (great tips black almost) goes with anything

Most people when they think of the colour black they think it closes a room, is too dark, or is too bland or lifeless. In fact, the opposite is true. Black is a stunning colour and when used right can really bring a space to life.

Painting just one wall black might be enough. Anything you hang on that wall will jump out and be seen. All the colours in whatever you hang on that wall will pop with more intensity than they would on a lighter-coloured wall. And the black accent wall sets the tone for drama in the entire room. via Interiors: Incorporating black in home decor – Wicked Local

Tips 2. Pops of Colour on a Neutral Palette

For some time now neutral colours have become the interior decorating norm in most households. Whether it’s a mid to light gray, taupe, yellow, or off white all seem to be growing in popularity. But for some it does not give the energy or life that they desire. Instead use the neutral colour as a canvas to add your pops of colour to. Think of it like a painter creating a masterpiece.

One interior decorating consultant tips…

The key for colours and trends is the lifestyle of that client, Mitchell said. If someone wants new, bright colors but doesn’t want a persimmon-colored wall, she recommends adding them through artwork, pillows and other accessories. Want that gray? Bring it in with a light fixture, a brushed metal planter or a trim – but not in long-term elements like flooring, tile or cabinetry, she said. via Interior designers work with color, design trends – Colorado Springs Gazette

Tips 3. Use Nature as Your Inspiration

There is nothing more beautiful than the array of colours in nature. All you have to do is look out your window and you are swept away with blues, greens, reds, yellows, and every other colour of the rainbow. Certainly, the time of year and where you live has a great influence.

So why not pick a place that soothes your soul and use it as your inspiration? Interior decorators do this all the time. All you have to do is a pick a place in the world that calls to you. For example, many people love Hawaii. Go on Google Images and do a search for Hawaii. Click on an image that you like and using an online colour picker start grabbing your favourite colours to create a room that you are sure to love. Just take a look at how many shades can be seen in one simple colour.

Marni Jameson recently talked to some interior decorating experts and here is some tips they said…

“When putting together colors, picture the number of blues in the sea,” she said. “Indigo is next to turquoise. In nature, you see spring green next to conifer green and sage, and it’s spectacular. Open your eyes to see how God does it.” via The design sin of too perfect and precious – Orlando Sentinel

Tips 4. Open Up a Part of the Room with Lucite

The biggest trend in home renovations for some time now has been to open up living spaces. Tearing down walls in order to create an open concept allows the eye to see further and gives a calming effect. The same can be done inside of a room with glass and lucite. As the two materials are see through it literally opens up an area. A great little interior decorating tip used by the professionals for years.

Nothing adds a touch of modern irreverence to a room like Lucite, a brand name for high-end acrylic. Now it’s being used to create coffee tables, trays, bar carts, lamps and furniture legs. “Lucite is elegant,” says Patti Kagan, owner of Houston’s vintage furniture store Mrs. PK & Oz. via Six hot trends in home design this fall – Houston Chronicle

Tips 5. Incorporate Shapes into Decorating Your Living Quarters

Bold graphics that include stripes, chevrons, hexagons, triangles, and so forth can add some real interest to a room. Use them on pillows, throws, carpets, features walls – essentially anywhere and on anything you want. Interior decorating with shapes is lots of fun.

According to EcoSalon these are the hottest tips for interior decorating patterns…

1) Geometrics

2) Stripes

3) Animal Prints

4) Natural Elements

5) Florals

Click here to learn more How to Use 5 Bold Design Patterns to Make Your Home Pop, Gorgeously – EcoSalon

Final Interior Decorating Thoughts

Change is good.

It’s a greatdecorating idea to bring a facelift to at least one room once a year. It is all too easy just to leave things the same, but when you make even the smallest of changes it can bring a room to life again giving you tons of energy. The key is that you don’t have to go all out. Buy a lucite coffee table, add some colourful prints with new pillows for the sofa, or paint one wall. That’s it. Just a few simple interior decorating changes can make all the difference.


Public domain image from Pixabay

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