Average Cost to Paint a House?

This all depends on what types of homes are being painted. There are a few different types: fully detached homes in the neighbourhood of 3000 ft.² to 5000 ft.² in higher end neighbourhoods, these homes are usually equipped with more extravagant interior finishes and trim work which of course require more specialized attention. Some homes might have all oak wood paneling libraries that in in itself or larger jobs in preparation work such as fine sanding/preparing and then multiple coats of clear finishes to acquire a depth required to give it a lustrous feel and look. This type of work can only be done by professional painters who have experience at this type of work.

These homes also might have high ceilings not uncommon to have 10 foot high walls with crown molding at the top requiring accurate brushwork at a greater height which in turn slows down the painting process. These homes might have also large door and window casings with corner blocks that require more specialized painting techniques. The main area of the home might have two-story high entrance way that may require scaffolding to access some higher parts of the ceiling.

There could also be two or three tone mixture of paint and stain on circular stairs that require meticulous special attention to detail ensuring that the staircase is more of a furniture grade finish. ll these items added up to an expensive paint job that can only be quoted per job basis. And then there are your regular type subdivision homes that are made with your basic standard interior designs and trimmings. And these ones are more likely to be quoted on a price per square foot for painting bases.

These prices can vary anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50 per square foot depending on factors such as if the ceilings are being painted or not, and if the ceilings were ever painted before. If the home is empty for the painting process or if the home is lived in because if it is lived in and that means that there will be some furniture to move around and cover to protect it from any paint sprinkle and paint damage. Some more important factors are if the walls have ever been painted before, if the walls are white and a color is applied and what the depth of the color is whether it is a light color or whether it is a dark color because dark colors require more coats of paint.

If the home has to finish settling and has numerous cracks along the ceilings and elsewhere that need to be pasta repaired. This is a regular occurrence on homes after they had been built and the house starts settling. It is recommended to not paint in some cases up to two years to ensure that the home doesn’t settle further after the paint job has been performed creating more cracks here and there. Then there are condos, again there are variations in price per foot or even by the job quotes because condos can range anywhere from the superhigh luxury condo requires an amazing amount of detail to your regular standard one or two bedroom condo.

Regular one or two bedroom condos can vary anywhere from $1000-$2000 again depending on what’s required to be painted in the condo. A new condos that have stucco ceilings it is required that the ceilings get painted with oil paint first this prevents the stucco from crumbling or ruining the texture using latex paints. This can add to the cost of the condo painting job. Some condos are quite elaborate that have two-story areas built in, extension ladder work to be able to paint the upper half of the large open area this can also drive up the price of the condo paint job. So as you can see there are lots of variables to calculate house painting rates

Professional House Painting Services

Get the of Professional House Painting Services in Toronto for Colorful Days Ahead

Living room condo painting

People in Toronto know that a good coat of paint can protect their homes and make their houses last longer than expected. This is all the more reason to hire the expertise of the professional house painters. A well maintained house is not only a good investment, but it can also provide the needed protection against rain, wind, and other weather conditions. Some might choose to do the entire house project on their own in an attempt to save some money by cutting out the fees that painters should get. Although the intention is practical, it is also risky especially if the project calls for exterior house painting. Know that there are dangers involved and the aesthetic appeal of the house might be compromised if the inexperienced homeowner has decided to do a DIY house painting project.

To avoid facing harm and other possible unfavorable outcomes, it is best to consider hiring professional Toronto painters. Importance of Getting the Services of the Professional You want your house to last for a long time and to do so, you need to keep a regular application of paint to protect it, especially the exterior. To be honest, it is too risky to work on the house painting project on your own. The risk is especially high if you don’t have the necessary expertise, tools, equipment, safety gear, and other things that professional painters have to help them get the job done correctly and safely. Can you honestly say that you will be able to calculate the needed amount of paint, the colors that blend, and the kind of paint to use? Professional Toronto house painters can do this and much more.

They know the things that they need to measure in order to get the right amount of paint and this can actually save you some money. If you will do this on your own, the chances are great that you will only end up buying more paint that you don’t really need. The professional painters can easily blend the colors well and they know the kinds of hues and shades that can make your house the envy of onlookers. There are different kinds of paint and a professional painter can determine which paint to use on a particular finish and area. The professional painters can get the whole project done within a reasonable time whereas it could take you almost forever to finish. You can buy other worthwhile things with the money that you are able to save. Let the professional house painters in Toronto help you paint your house so that you can expect better and more colorful days ahead.

Painting Windows without Taping

When you’re painting windows or painting glass paned doors and French windows and the doors have lots of glass to work around it is smart to use a very high quality brush. Do not buy a cheap brush because it won’t paint straight and accurately. You need a medium stiff dense sash brush,
you can either use a 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch. The reason you don’t want use a soft brush is because they won’t be able to go straight into tight corners without being sloppy.

For example if you are painting a multi-pain french window door and your painting one of the square windowpanes pick any corner to start from and dab your brush short of the glass by slight amount and reinsert the brush closer and closer until you come to a fine closeness to the window glass also notice that you should not have an excessive amount of paint on the brush because this will ultimately blotch onto the glass. In other words try to use a moist but not soaking wet brush with blobs of pain hanging on it.

This is one of the reasons why you want to use a quality brush it retains paint without looking heavily overlaid with paint. Another important aspect is to use the highest top quality paint you can afford.

As the paint gets more expensive it becomes finer and more accurate to work with. In most cases Toronto painters uses top paint brands like Benjamin Moore’s regal paints or topline Sherwin-Williams achieve a smooth and luxurious finish on interior doors and trim with ProClassic® Interior.

Painting the first few window sashes will be difficult and slow but as you get used to your brush and the way the paint handles you will pick up speed and accuracy.

Another way to paint Windows without tape on the door is to use a masking gel that you paint onto the window pane of glass pane letter dry and then you can all the wood trim around your glass without worrying about hitting the glass. And when all your window sashes are done and you have completed completely all the trim painting, you can remove the clear masking using a razor blade/window scraper.

You can go around the circumference of the glass with the straight edge of the utility blade to separated from the wood and then you can continue on by scraping off/peeling away the masking gel that now has paint on it.

How much will it cost me to paint my house?

How much will it cost me to paint my house?

I guess this all depends on how much of the house will be ready for painting. It’s amazing that people want a really good price on their house painting bought aren’t willing or able to step up and do some preliminary work such as moving furniture out of the room. Last week we were bargained for a house paint job that was up for home staging. I’m sure every painter has heard the question “is that the best you can do”or “can you do better than that”or something like that. I am not sure whether or not dentists or doctors or accountants get these kind of questions or at least as many times as we do as professional house painters. House painting is a skill like any other trade that takes years of practice and self-improvement getting knowledgeable about the different and newest paints and the way they are applied making sure that the customer is getting the best quality for their money.

Not getting back to this individual who wanted a good price and the best price for the house painting. They said they would remove all the furniture for the start of the job. On the first day there were suitcases and dresser drawers pushed into closets that oversized bed in the middle of the bedroom with a dresser jammed between the bed and the wall. We walked in I looked around and said what’s happening here and they said that the home stager needed these items so they weren’t going to remove them. Meanwhile we were stuck with having to move the furniture around the room to paint the walls.

You need approximate 2 feet of space to be able to scale the wall with the stepladder and also paint the bottom of the wall and the baseboards. Another instance of bad planning on the behalf of the home stager was there inability to be able to make decisions before the painting process. In one case the painter asked the home stager what to do about the mirror and light above the vanity since they did not look right. A good professional trained I would’ve picked up on this and would’ve told the painter to remove the mirror and light and the plaster the holes leaving a nice clean wall to place a new mirror and light on.

Painting the walls and painting the baseboards are two different processes you have to paint one before the other. In either case you cannot paint both at the same time because of the both wet it will ruin the job. This means that the bed has to be moved at least twice for one wall. And if the bed has to be moved it takes a certain amount of time and care. If you add up directly just the time it takes for moving the furniture around the room you can calculate an additional half an hour to the cost of the room and if you are having seven rooms painted in the home all having an additional half an hour worth of moving stuff around not accounted for you will lose half a day from your budget.

In this particular house not only did the customer say he was going to remove the furniture but he actually asked me to disassembled the IKEA standing dresser cabinets. This was not a part of my original plan. I had one man in another room painting while another man was doing dead time disassembling the cabinet for the customer. This is not fair in respect to the original agreement. Being good people as we are I agreed to most of this. But we did voice our opinion and concerns about the original deal for painting we made and would like to stick to the original deal as close as possible without drastically running over budget with all the extra work.

To make this process easier for both the homeowner and the painting company the parts and components of the painting process have to be broke down as to who will do what and if they don’t do that then they will make a good by paying for the shortcoming such as the one previously mentioned where they said they would remove the furniture and then asked us to disassemble it. Disassembling this IKEA furniture was not a part of the deal and it took almost 2 hours for disassembling it. So it all this house consumed approximately a days worth of wasted time moving furniture around and disassembling it.

Basement Wall Paneling

Wood Paneling in Mississauga

Basement wall paneling
Basement wall paneling

Basement Wall Paneling  in Mississauga

Recently we had to open up a Basement Wall Paneling from the 80s. Sometimes people wood panel over important things such as electrical outlets and  water taps to shut off the water for the outside garden hose. In this particular case the customer was going to paint all the paneling in the basement here in Mississauga. This made it easy to just cut the wood paneling trying to locate the outside garden tap shut off valve.


When we were finished locating the water shot off valve we had to close the hole back by reinserting the paneling we just cut out. Since the piece of panel was cut out from a non-supported section  of panel (no studs here) in the wall we  had to install some strips of wood behind to secure the peace together.


Note, it is wise to cut the hole as uniform and square as possible is a nice clean straight cut preferably on some kind of a fault line. So when you go to put this back in the place it should line up nicely and the faultlines camouflage the cut joint.


In this case since the paneling in the basement will be painted it will be easy to plaster repair the joint with some fiber tape and some sandable plaster. The fiber tape is used instead of regular tape because it’s a little stronger than using tape and places were there’s a little bit of vibration in the wall since paneling is not as secure and solid as drywall. Furthermore in this case we also used some exterior plaster which has some vinyl content mixed in with it to give it some flexibility.


Once the plaster was done we primed the wood panel repair to a nice flat finished smooth surface being careful not to leave any humps or bumps or unsanded edges.


It is wise though to paint wood paneling that is old like this one was with a very low luster if not flat or velvet finish. Also make sure that there are no stains in the wood paneling because they will bleed through the paint job. Sometimes it’s wise to check all your walls to make sure that there are no pen marks crayon or felt marker marks. If this is the case then you should prime the spots with some kind of spot sealer such as binz or kilz to seal any stains.


Also paneling usually has open joints between panels and when you paint the walls you will see all these joints easily. To overcome these joints and to fix them we usually use latex caulking to lightly and smoothly fill these joints in.

Usually it takes  three coats of latex paint to give all your wood paneling a nice finished look.

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