Toronto House Painters

Good Toronto house painters can not only do house painting but also can perform drywall repairs. I can’t imagine not being able to do drywall repairs and just only having the ability to just paint. These days everyone has to diversify and be able to do more than one task to be able to stay competitive and in business.

 mold inside walls on studs
Toronto house painters will cover these walls after they are cleaned of mold. I

I recently had a customer who had mold growing on their ceiling in the kitchen. This mold actually existed above the ceiling in the rafters. They had to have a company come out and thoroughly remove and wash and then disinfect the entire area above the kitchen. To be able to access the affected area in the rafters over the kitchen they had to remove the section of wall and a section of the ceiling above the countertops. There was a nice clean space where the studs and the rafters and ceiling joists were all the exterior walls were clean and all the boards were very clean. But unfortunately they did not put the wall of the ceilings back and that is why the customer/homeowner called me to replace the ceiling and the walls in the kitchen. This company even though they did a nice job on cleaning the area they did a bad job on making a nice square symmetrical opening in the ceiling and walls. When you have a ceiling with a irregular shaped opening is difficult to put in a piece of drywall of that shape. Therefore you have to enlarge the opening to make it dimensionally square making it easy to be able to duplicate an insert of that size.

 insulation and vapor barrier
Toronto house painters install fiberglass and vapor barrier for maximum efficiency.

In this instance we had to place some R – 20 fiberglass insulation and some vapor barrier to prevent moisture from coming in and breeze. After measuring the openings where the drywall was cut out we cut some fresh half inch and 5/8 drywall the same size. Normally when an experienced person cuts out drywall they cut its right beside the stud or rafter then they make another cut to divide the stud widths in half, this will allow the other piece of drywall to be placed over the wood and screwed in. And if not then it additional piece of wood can be applied to the side of the start or the side of the rafter to have something to screw into when you are applying the drywall. After you have totally done and made sure that you have a place for the drywall to be screwed to then you can apply the vapor barrier.

 jam insulation into any cracks and openings
jamming insulation into open cracks and openings

Places where the vapor barrier joined or meet can be covered with some special plastic tape to help seal the connection. Now that everything is done you are ready to install the pieces of drywall. On small piece of drywall it is easy to hold the drywall up with one hand and use a screw gun with the other hand but when the pieces get a little bit too big sometimes it’s easier to use a adjustable pole to hold up the drywall while it is being screwed on. Taping a plastering should be a simple process for the professional painter.

house painting door trim
painter painting door trim.

The professional painter should know exactly how good a job they have to do with the taping and plastering to make their paint job look good. And that is that all the joint should be smooth and flush with the surface with no bumps or tape showing through. Priming all the fresh drywall and plaster is important because if you don’t prime these areas then you will see flash marks where the plaster and drywall meet. The plaster marks always look duller with less shine than the rest of the drywall. Last step is to paint the walls. And in this case the wall should be painted with a kitchen paint such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paint.

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door jamb repair

broken door lock

Door jam repair diagram cross-section
Door jam repair diagram cross-section.

Mississauga handyman came to the rescue because  Home owner could not have a broken front entry door not repaired. It needed a broken door lock repair to secure the door again.

Front door was broken into during the night and Toronto painting and carpentry came to repair it the following morning. The door was kicked in breaking the door frame therefore the door lock could no longer work. We had to rebuild the doorjamb and install a new striker plate hole and striker plate to secure the door again. Then we put up some fresh door casing to finish the job off making it look like a entry door that never had any problems.

It is so easy to break in a regular door. All it needs is a good strong kick and it will bust the doorframe or the door lock. Add door will break at its weakest point whether it is the door frame or the lock. They both have to be tough enough to withstand moderately heavy intrusion. There is no sense installing a heavy duty door lock into a weak doorframe or vice versa. In this case the door lock was in good condition but unfortunately the door frame was week and was never properly secured to the door opening usually two by fours all around the door opening.

This striker side of the door frame have to be rebuilt with a fresh sturdy piece of 2 x 4 lumber secured to the concrete giving the door latch side more secure support.

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Seven things to do before painting your house

Things to do Before Painting Your House

When contemplating on painting your house or room you have to be prepared. If you have never done any house painting you will have to go out and acquire some painting tools. When purchasing tools for painting it is always better to buy quality tools such as for example Purdy paintbrushes and paint rollers. This equipment is more in line with contractor grade tools. Painting contractors like to use these types of tools because they leave a better finish and they retain more paint so you could paint longer without refilling.


Start with the Right Tools
Room painting equipment you’ll need.

Paint brushes are important to know about. There are many different types of brushes both for oil and latex paints, but these days we mostly use latex paints. Here again it is important to select a good quality brush, most commonly good quality brushes come in single packs with their own cover that you can put the brush back into after use. A good quality brush had synthetic bristles with different compositions for stiffness and usability. Generally what we like to use are 3 inch angled sash which is large enough to be able to make a solid wide brush stroke accurately. Also we use 1 inch brushes to get in between close door casings and walls to fill in the gap that a large brush would not get into.

If brushes are cleaned after use, they can last for years. Since most modern exterior and interior paints are latex-based, cleaning the brushes after use with hot soapy water and a toothbrush can remove all traces of paint. Oil-based paints are normally cleaned with a natural or synthetic solvent such as mineral spirits, again using a toothbrush to remove all traces of paint. Metal “combs” are used to penetrate into the bristles of a brush to remove drying paint.


Painting your house with different types of brushes

Paint rollers and handles, again here obviously you want to have the same quality work as with a good quality brush. The roller should be secure on a good-quality handle that doesn’t flex. The cheap handles you can buy at the store in some cases are so weak that they bend as you are painting and that is why they are so inexpensive so the motto of the story here is in most cases the more you pay the better the quality of the roller handle. The roller refill also should be in most cases the most you can afford to spend on a refill will get you the best refill. Generally most wall painting applications require a 15 to 18 mm roller nap. The heavier the nap the more paint the refill will hold but the more care has to be taken not to have to much paint on the wall.

Paint roller is an essential for painting your house

Choosing the right and best paints, is important because after you have chosen the right color you have to decide on the shine level and where you want to apply the paint. First of all make sure again that you buy top-quality latex paint. In short the more you pay for the paint the better the quality both in longevity of the paint and application. Obviously you want to paint to stay on the wall after washing (acrylic paints are the best for this) and the other factor is that you want to be able to paint quickly and smoothly and this only happens with more expensive paints like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paints.

Choosing the Best Paint
Painting your house with a variety of colors

It is important to be able to decide which machine level you want to apply to a room. These days it is possible to have a washable flat paint which is just as durable as a paint with a higher sheen levels such as a eggshell or semigloss paint. Toronto painters are using high end flat latex paints in most cases even in bathrooms and kitchens. Flat paint has a more subtle look to it also it hides imperfections in walls. Semigloss paints are used for trim work such as doors and door frames and window jams and window frames. The shiny surface will display imperfections more than a flat surface will so one has to make sure that the preparation work on the substrate has to be in the best shape possible, no cracks no holes no dents etc.

A Guide to Sheen

Preparing your walls and trim for painting is important because there is no sense painting a wall with holes in it and dense and cracks. These all have to be filled in with plaster. Most cracks have to be prepared with fiber tape or drywall tape to make sure that the crack doesn’t open up again. Use a quick dry plaster compound such as sheetrock 45 that dries in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for being able to sand it easily you can tell this by the color (should be bone white).

Surface Prep

Starting to paint, what comes first? Do you paint the trim first or the wall first or the ceiling? When areas covered for painting, floors and furniture have to be covered before you attempt painting. If the entire room is to be painted that obviously the first thing to do is to paint the ceiling. Painting the ceiling is probably the most strenuous part that requires more stamina and strength then the other aspects of painting.

The question is which one you think you should paint first the wall or the trim? Professional house painters generally paint the trim first. It is more difficult to paint the edge of the door casing to a finished wall then it is to paint the wall edge to a finished door casing.

Start Painting -- Which Comes First?
Painting your house in just the right colors to make it look fresh and new

Choosing The Right Paint Color

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color

You might want to coordinate some type of pillow fabric or curtain or something of that nature. A good web site to go to for color inspiration is Pinterest ( ) which is excellent for showing all kinds of home designs wallpapers furniture’s and fabrics (bedcovers, pillowcases,)

 choosing the right paint color
noticed that the colors on this pillow works with the background color

Also if you are able to have some one like a paint store or interior decorator lend you their paint sample deck which has thousands of colors in a full spectrum of ranges and use to satisfy the look you are looking for.


Understanding Color Undertones
paint fan deck color sampler

This color deck is organized in such a way that each page starts off with a basic paint to start with and then varies as it goes down as more colorant is added to the composition changing the color hue from the basic or neutral color to a different shade of color.

Sunglasses Needed

1. The property of colors by which they can be perceived as ranging from red through yellow, green, and blue, as determined by the dominant wavelength of the light. See Table at color.

2. A particular gradation of color; a shade or tint.

3. Color: all the hues of the rainbow.

4. Appearance; aspect: a man of somber hue.

via Hue – definition of Hue by The Free Dictionary.

If you are lucky enough to acquire large paper paint samples that are 1 ft.² which makes it a large sample that would be easy to get the feel for the room and you can place a couple samples here and there in the room to see what the colors will look like with different light reflection from Windows. You might want to keep the samples up throughout the day to see what the colors feel like in different parts of the day when the sunlight is coming in from a different angle.

Once you feel comfortable with your choices the next thing obviously is to have some sample pots of paint. You can carefully do some paint samples wipes here and there or you might want to paint an entire wall or a part of the wall to get a more accurate feeling for choosing the right paint color.

 how to choose the right colors with paint sampling pots
paint sampling pots

When our customers come up with some color choices which are dark I warn them that basically if you’re picking a dark color mentally you multiply the dark color darkness in your head by two because really what you see on a small sample when it is installed on entire wall it will look darker than what the paint sample looks like on small chip. And this is the reason why I suggest using a large paint sample card or painting a larger portion of the wall with this color.

 choosing the right colors might end up with wall color too dark
bedroom wall color too dark

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Professional House Painters Toronto

Professional House Painters Toronto

professional house painters toronto
Professional House painters home improvements give it that extra touch

When hiring a house painter for some work at home, the owner might like to know that this expert is capable of other things aside from painting. It is always a good idea to ask what other services he might be able to extend for the dwelling to save on costs. While some of the painters might just do it as part of the service, most of them will charge accordingly. This is especially true for cases where some materials and supplies are used for the light repairs. These materials and supplies are usually not the same s painting supplies and the professional might need to go out and buy some.

Interior Carpentry and Drywall Repair

Painter and Carpenters
Painters and Carpenters at Your Service


Although the professional is an expert in painting, there are many who can actually do some light carpentry repairs for the sake of the area that they will paint over. This is highlighted when the area may have some form of wood rot and damage which is very light that calling in a carpenter would be useless. Light masonry and stucco repair might also be part of the other services that a house painter might extend to his or her client. Drywall repair (interior of the house) might also be included in the light masonry repairs that the professional is adept at doing. Each individual who can paint professionally also have other skills that may be related to each job that they have. Wallpapering, or the removal thereof, might also be part of the services that the professional can do for the client. If the room already has wallpaper, and it needs to be replaced with paint, the expert can remove it properly to have no residue or leftovers sticking to the walls. The expert might also be able to put on wallpaper but this can be a bigger job than painting. Effort is necessary in the removal of the old wallpaper as well as the application of the new one.

Interior Decorating| Choosing Colors 

 interior decorators
interior decorators on color choices


A house painter can also make several sound and valid recommendations with regards to the color schemes or combinations that a room or area of the house might have. These professionals usually have a very good eye for colors and can recommend a pleasing combination for a room. Complementary colors can also be recommended for the interior or exterior of the house. In fact, some of the painters can mix their own colors to personalize a room in favor of a recommendation or a preference of their client. Color schemes can make or break a room so recommendations by the painting expert should be considered.

Commercial Painters Work

Many of these professionals can also paint commercial and industrial buildings. The carpentry and masonry work that comes in some of the commercial and industrial buildings may not be handled by the individual who will be painting the structure because these are sure to be a lot of work. Commercial painting includes, but is not limited to, interior and exterior painting of commercial structures, wallpapering of rooms and specific areas and other things.
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Professional Painters Home Improvements

Professional Painters

Professional painters home improvements
Professional painters home improvements give it that extra touch

Professional painters home improvements
in  Toronto,Mississauga Richmond Hill can increase the value of your property so it is best to keep it in good condition whether you are planning to sell it or not. Home improvements cost money but did you know that you can actually increase the value of your home through exterior painting? It is more economical, practical, and fast. To make your house more appealing, it is best to hire the services of professional house painters in Toronto. You will see that the expert’s touch has a different feel and appeal that can only be described as remarkable.
Less Costly Improvements

Color Scheme

An eye-catching color scheme that professional painters can easily determine can add thousands of dollars to the property’s market value. Real estate developers and landlords employ the services of professional painters to ensure such an outcome.
Professional painters often design their color scheme according to value. To do that, a client like yourself must be able to determine if you should go with dark, light, or medium key color.
Creating a balanced effect between the top part and the bottom part of the house is not an easy thing to do. A professional painter must be able to do something about making the bottom part just as interesting (via painting) as the top part of the house with rich details.
Painters know that creating a top-heavy feel can create an aura of uneasiness that will affect the outside appearance of the house. Therefore, they are aware that they need to avoid making such a blunder.
There are different types of paint for different types of finish. There are paints that should not go beyond a particular temperature range during application because it will leave unsightly marks when all dried up or it might not give the effect that the painter expects.


The colors should blend well with the surroundings, the architectural details of the house, and materials used. Professional painters also know the right kind of paint to choose that will make the house practically shine with elegance and beauty.
Warm colors can create a cozy atmosphere. If you are trying to sell your property, then it is best to go with warm colors.
Home improvements need not be costly and there are always less expensive ways to improve your home and its value. Painting with the right colors and paints could do the trick. Hire a professional painter to do the task for you. You will be more than glad that you did.

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How can I protect glass when painting without using tape?

 Protect Glass from Paint

Is there anything I can use to protect window glass instead of tape when I am painting the wall around it?

Painting windows and French doors that have many panes of glass are extremely difficult to paint. Toronto painters uses a masking liquid which greatly helps out doing the tedious process of painting multiple window pane doors sometimes as many as 12 small panes. It is tough to get into these areas with a brush not hitting the window.

The nice thing about this material is that you can paint the entire door including the Windows, everything with a coat of this sealer. This will act as a primer for the bare wood.

To start off with prepare the door as you would normally by sanding anything off that should be there. Dust the door off including all the panes of glass.

You can either apply it manually with a brush and roller or you can spray it on depending whether you have a paint sprayer or not.

Once the mask has dried, read the label. You can paint the entire door or window depending on what your painting. You do not have to worry about anything at all except to do a nice clean even smooth paint job on it. Since you are not worried about getting a perfect straight clean line without hitting the window you can afford to do a better job of it.

 Protect Glass from Painting
Protect Glass from Paint No Worries about Getting Paint on Glass Just Peel It off

Once your paint has dried you take a sharp X-Acto knife or box cutter and go around carefully the edges not to hit any wood. Once you have gone wrong completely the pane of glass you can peel off the paint in one large sheet.

via How can I protect glass when painting without using tape? Answers to your home questions –

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deadbolt exterior door lock

Door Lock


Toronto painters carpentry

services also include installation  of simple security locks such as this deadbolt.

This type of modern deadbolt can be purchased at Home Depot for around $20. It is a good-looking secure lock that can only be opened from the inside. It is attached/secured with three simple panhead  wood screws through a brass plate .

Any dead-bolt lock is better than the common key-in-knob variety. We spent weeks prying, hammering, picking, pummeling, and drilling locks, and few scored well. A handful proved far more susceptible than most.

Drills easily open most locks

With all except one lock classified as high-security, even an ordinary cordless drill could drill out the cylinders in 2 minutes or less. Our tests on the Medeco, which has hardened cylinders across the product line, ruined the locks but denied access–so you’d have to replace the lock but not your home’s contents.

iSEEK – Web – Viewing ‘Top Door lock Reviews | Best Door lock – Consumer Reports’

Installing extra security lock on exterior door in Mississauga Https://

A photo posted by Vic Nagy (@expertpainter) on







  This is a very simple security set up in case your door is being jimmied the door still stays locked   A video posted by Vic Nagy (@expertpainter) on  

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truth about zero voc paint

Low voc paints

Toronto Painters is asked a lot about if we use low or VOC paints.

From our understanding the government would not allow dangerous paint to be used that were harmful to both the painter and the homeowner. There are certain limits which have to be stayed within to be safe for the public.

but we do go out of the way to make sure that we do use the lowest VOC paint available at the customers request after all they are paying for it.

low voc paints
low voc paints

The average homeowner

might not feel any effects at all from any paint whether it is high in voc or low voc. We know painters who have been applying both types of paints for years and years who are still healthy and not complaining about anything. But then there other people even a whiff of dust throws them into a tantrum and sneeze their head off.  Watch this ;

all kidding aside

Even inhaling high-performance cleaning agents, bleaches, degreaser’s, barbecue cleaner and so on are just as unhealthy. Even the hairspray that they spray on your hair at the beauty salon is for sure not healthy as is the air freshener which sprayed into the air to get rid of the bad smelling your home.

Of course we are all health-conscious and we do whatever is best for us and go by our beliefs.

For those people who can remember before latex paints were mainstream everything was painted with oil-based paints. These paints kept your house stinking for days on end which is far worse than the smell which is almost nothing from latex paints.

There are thousands and thousands of people who I’m sure have lived through painting experiences in their homes who have lived very long healthy lives and never even thought about complaining or mentioning anything of these type of paints which probably wasn’t even invented till lately.

But for those who are interested in going deeper into learning about this I have placed the link below.

Zero Voc may not really be Zero VOC as advertised…

via Learn About Zero Voc paint | The truth about zero voc paint.

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Is a Painting Job Is Done Well

Professional Painters

There are hundreds of painters in Toronto and thousands more who think they are painters.

Just because an individual is advertising house painting

Doesn’t mean he truly is a professional house painter with years of experience.

I have been a professional house painting contractor for almost 40 years and I can tell just within a few minutes whether or not the individual who claims they are a painter is qualified or not. Just by the way the man or woman holds the brush and dips it is a sure telltale sign of experience.

when they are cutting in a straight line by the ceiling, this is performed with a continuous straight and accurate stroke without hitting the ceiling. Professional painters are paid for their accuracy and speed as no worker wants to make a little money so they all hone their skill to be able to paint the straight line throughout the room in the quickest time possible without making any mistakes such as hitting the ceiling here and there.

Putting up the paint

should be done without any runs or sags or any brushstrokes, again through experience this can be done quickly and easily.

Painting Speed

Of course speed is not everything but knowledge of the paints that will be used is very important. Most were almost all professional painters always used the most high quality paint affordable.

 Topline Paints

The difference between a high quality paint and a so so mid range or low-end paint can vary from $10 or $15 through two $25 or $30 for very high-end paints compared to very low and paints. High-end paints have lots of additives which make it have better paint coverage, smoother flowing, straighter lines and better hiding capabilities. Where low-end paints don’t cover as well obviously and cannot be painted very accurately leaving all kinds of brushwork marks and roller marks and not to mention that it takes twice as much of this material to do the same amount of coverage as a top quality paint. So therefore the savings is not really in the paint.

Topline paints not only work better but they also have better life expectancy, they are more washable and do not fade. And this is why you pay the extra money.

Here Is Some More Very Good Additional Information You Should Read In Advance of Having Any Painting Work Done. Click the Link below

Checking If a Painting Job Is Done Well

via Checking If a Painting Job Is Done Well | Brennan’s Custom Painting

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