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we received a lot of requests for painting condos here in Toronto and Mississauga. A lot of these request for painting are for basically two different reasons.


Home staging


This is when the owner is trying to sell the condo and has to make it look good to show to the prospective homebuyer. When a condo has been lived in for years a few things happen to  the walls and trim.

· Scuff marks start occurring (this is a very untidy look)

· discoloration and yellowing of the original paint color

· walls and trim and get dirty

· walls develop cracks

· nail holes from pictures in walls

· trim work and baseboard separating from walls need caulking and filling

To show the condo in its best possible light it is best to paint the entire condo a “cloud white” color called CC 40 from Benjamin Moore paints. This will allow the room to have some color yet be so neutral that it does not offend anyone’s taste and allows a new home prospective buyer to imagine what color they want to paint it

Also by painting everything including trim and doors with the same type of paint, this detracts from any irregularities and blemishes. Furthermore it allows the room to look larger and brighter and newer and fresher.


Condo painting

toronto condo painters paint prep
toronto condo painters paint prep covering up


By the homeowner to repaint the rooms to give the condo a different feel and newer look. Usually, does come in a basic light from the builder. After a while and the new owner settles in they will want to repeat the condo their own colors. Most condos will have to have two coats of paint applied and sometimes three because the original paint that was applied by the painting contractor was not a very good paint for sealing the w

Painting and redecorating the condo can be done  In stages especially at the condo is full of furniture not allowing the entire condo to be painted at the same time. The condo painting contractor will paint one or two rooms at a time, moving the furniture to the adjacent rooms while painting.

Feature walls

can be done to highlight areas of interest and can definitely create good contrast and interest to a room. This means then that the basic color could be white with some feature walls as accents creating a nice open feel (white makes a space look larger) yet give the room some interesting character.


Interesting word of warning for some condos:

My neighbour just informed me that if I want to paint or wallpaper the inside of my condo I have to inform the condo board in writing.

via Condo Culture: Can my building forbid me from painting my unit? | National Post.

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Toronto House Painting

Toronto Painters

Toronto Painters are actively working here in the GTA for households who want to repaint their homes quickly in a timely fashion. It is not something that is done inexpensively and effortlessly. House painting is one of those things that eventually has to get done for a few different reasons.

Damaged walls repair

are often the cause for need to repaint. This damage could have been caused by moving furniture around in the room scratching indenting the wall or a doorknob going through the wall. Sometimes water damage can cause bubbling and flaking of the paint separating away from the wall. These all require drywall repair, priming, painting. Execution of the preparation work is vital for a successful paint job. A professional drywall repair that integrates seamlessly into the existing wall is necessary. If the repair is done badly if the plaster was not sanded or there was not enough plaster and taping done the paint job will not look good.

 Toronto house painters
Toronto house Painting in high area painting on extension ladder top of wall .

How Much Will It Cost to Paint The House

This is depending of course on first of all the size of the home. If everything is in pristine condition and all our painters have to do is go in and paint an empty house, there would be a lot different charge, if the house is totally packed with furniture, pictures, carpets and appliances and a multitude of things to move around and cover. We have painted some properties where it took an hour just to move the furniture around in a room moving some of the furniture out of the room. This took time to do and we have to pay for the time it takes for the professional house painter to move the furniture out of harms way.

The condition of the house is also a contributing factor to the cost to paint the house. Obviously the more repairs there are the more time it takes which will ultimately increase the cost of the painting work.

Will there be a color change?

If the rooms are painted dark and they have to be repainted white that it will require extra coats of paint to achieve a proper full coverage. No one wants to see through to the original coat of paint. When you paint a room a specific color you want it to be a solid color and sometimes it will take more paint to achieve this.

Will this be a paint job including

all the doors, walls, ceilings and baseboards? Most people when they asked for a complete paint job of their home they wanted included everything except the ceiling. They feel that the ceiling will look good enough as is. Ceiling painting comparatively speaking is more costly than wall painting for obvious reasons as you can imagine. This is especially so if the ceiling has never been painted. Ceiling painting on a new popcorn ceiling has to be first of all painted with an oil-based paint if it is done manually with paint roller. This process alone can add considerable amount of cost to paint the house.

Toronto’s painting also serves areas in Mississauga , Oakville and Richmond Hill

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Painters Toronto: 3 ways to add paint to your home

Toronto Painters

 painters Toronto

has 3 ways to add paint to your home this year

painting is the cheapest way to get the biggest bang for your buck in changing the looks of something.

Painters Toronto says if you want to change the looks of a room but you don’t want to get into painting the entire room there are few options available in respect to changing the way the room looks and feels.

Have you ever thought about placing some stripes along one wall whether they are horizontal or vertical stripes. Take a wall you think would look best with stripes and think about if you want them to be a thicker wider stripe thinner narrower stripes. Do you want to have a combination of stripes on a base color?

Once you have established the way you want the stripes to look and how many you want, you will have to calculate how many vertical lines you are going to have to apply spaced evenly on the wall. Next you mark the wall at each line. Use a long level to make sure that your vertical stripe will be leveled vertically. If you don’t have a longer level you could always attach a short level to a long straight edge and use the edge as your marking guide. Once you have laid out all your lines check to make sure that they are all parallel to each other measuring the top from line to line and then the bottom from line to line. When all the spaces are exactly the same then you can apply tape to the side that is not going to be painted. I recommend using “frog” tape or a good quality Scotch blue tape not quite as good but still work. (This tape has to be removed as soon as possible after the paint dries) the frog tape can be left a little longer.

Toronto painters usually uses a mini roller to fill in these strips not allowing the paint to going on the other side of the tape you have to be careful here unless you using a wide tape. Using high quality many rollers are the best way to go because they do the best job of covering.

After the first coat has dried there within a few hours you can apply the second coat and then you should be done. Now remove the tape and if you want to do as stripe inside that stripe you have to apply tape the same way again.

If you’re not into painting walls than the next best thing is to paint objects in the room. When we paint decorative objects to give the room some pizzazz we always use a high quality high acrylic latex paint. We wash down the furniture or wall decoration with a high quality degreaser to ensure that the paint will stick. The trick with painting any type of furniture is to put multiple coats on not trying to get the paint job done with one or two coats but sometimes four or five codes very thinly applied watching for application marks such as brush marks or roller marks. A high quality latex will sand well, so you can use a very fine sandpaper to lightly buff the freshly painted coat of paint of course after it has dried thoroughly.

Painting feature walls are another quick way to change the looks of the room that can be done quickly the only trick here is that you have to make sure that the wall that you are painting has very nice straight sharp corners to the adjacent walls. Without a nice straight sharp corner it will be difficult to get a perfect seam/transition to the other color. It should be a definite sharp straight difference between the two colors without jagged overruns onto one or the other. Generally what  our painters  do is slightly paint onto the two adjacent walls by a 16th of an inch using a “frog” tape to ensure a perfect straight smooth line.

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Toronto Painters Painting Tips

Toronto house and condo painting tips

here’s a good painting tips for novice painters and for those who have a lot of French windows to paint.

painting tips masking
Brush painting tips masking
painting tips rolling on masking
rolling on masking

It’s okay for professional painter (Toronto painters) to paint freehand a couple of multi-paned French window doors but if there is a series of these doors to paint even the best painter will get tired. Taping the glazing on a window is very time-consuming and must be done accurately because if it is not then there is to problems it might create. One being that if the tape is on a small portion of window jam or window crossbar when you remove the tape you will find out that there is a better spot on the wood. Or if on the other hand you do not take directly against the wooden trim on the glass then you will and up leaving a strip of paint on the window which will ultimately have to scrape off. All this can be done very accurately but it does take quite a bit more time to carefully place the tape.

For years we have been using a special clear removable quick dry sealer that will be able to be scraped off/peeled off the window leaving a nice clear clean crisp painted edge on the window sash.

This substance can even touch the wood trim without any adverse effects so you don’t have to be too careful on applying the clear coat.

Most high-end paint stores will have this product in a different name possibly but it will do the same thing.

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House painters Toronto

House painters Toronto

Kitchen-cupboard-painting still showing wood grain

just finished painting the kitchen in a condo. The customer wanted to change his medium shade oak kitchen doors and drawers and cabinets to a dark reddish rust color. This was quite a change from the original paint color. Of course the  grain in the Oak still showed through giving it a natural oak look.

The customer was considering changing his backsplash in his kitchen the kitchen painting was done. He had sort of a beige tile as a backsplash contrasting to the original medium oak color which look quite unattractive and blasé. Block when the kitchen cupboards got painted with the new color the owner had a 2nd thought on changing the backsplash. So sometimes it’s worth it to think it through comparing different colors to your existing colors. In this case the customer was quite pleased because he didn’t have to change his backsplash.

Dark colors seem to make things “pop” out, the rather boring looking backsplash tiles seemed uninteresting with the old kitchen color but when the new kitchen counter got applied it made the backsplash look better.

if you like what you see and are interested in kitchen cupboard painting by “house painters Toronto”call : 416-568-3547

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what are the best interior house paints

Interior house paints

For Interior house painting have come a long way, both in wall painting and trim painting materials. There has been quite a change for interior house painters, to the paints and the makeups of the paints ever since the industry has gone towards ECO friendly paints.

Oil base painting which use solvents for cleaning and thinning out of the paint has all but gone.These paints were durable and washable and dried and cures quickly to a hard finish more quickly than latex paints do after the initial dry to the touch is over the latex paint still has 30 days to completely cure. The only problem with these paints were that the material was a little bit harder to work with in respect to clean up . You needed solvents to be able to washout your painting tools and also to wash your hands if they had paint on them. Then there was the issue of what do you do with the dirty varsol or turpentine that was left over from the paint tool cleanup.


Latex paints

have been around for a long time but were never used as a durable washable paint. But ever since the industry has changed they have been reinventing and formulating better latex paints. It used to be that latex paints would not sit flat on trim work it would leave a lot of brush marks and streaks and stay that way after drying. But now days they have improved to the paint well enough that the paint has long enough time to dry that it will level itself out on the surface that is being painted whether it be a door our door trim or a window sill or kitchen walls. They also have improved the quality of the paint by putting in additives that would give it better hiding capabilities and ceiling over stains and knots.


Best inside house paints

Best Interior house Paints
Benjamin Moore’s Best interior house paint
Best Interior house Paints
Sherwin Williams


Don’t come cheap, these paints have expensive ingredients that make up the paint such as things like titanium and other expensive additives which enhance the performance of the paint. But these do not come cheap and when you add $5 worth of just one additive to a paint it will most definitely bring up the price of the paint. And there are a number of additives that can be added to a paint to enhance its longevity and performance. Paint companies such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and Para paints, Pittsburgh paints all which are known exclusively as paint companies whose reputation relies and depends on the quality of their paints and their promises of performance.


Applying/ Working with the paint

The additional bonus to using topline top quality professional paints is the fact that the paint is much more easily applied. It is a finer higher-quality easier flowing, a consistency that makes it easier to work with. This makes the brush or roller moved more smoothly and evenly and quickly across the substrates. If a homeowner ever decides they want to buy interior paint they should consider buying the best inside house paints available to them because able make them feel like a professional painter when they see how nicely and evenly paint goes on and flows smoothly.

Ultra appears to be marketed by Behr as their best stuff. While it probably is the best they have, it strikes me as more parallel with the lower to mid lines offered by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, which are also surprisingly good these days. Ultra would be a great paint for homeowners and diy because it is easy to use, and it really is a good paint. Some of the marketing about it suggests that it will be a life changing experience. I guess time will tell, but in this quick glimpse, it didn’t show any remarkable innovation. Regardless of paint and/or primer systems, on bare wood it still takes 2-3 coats regardless of product to achieve a professional standard. But still, like most premium lines from most manufacturers, Ultra is a good paint. Surprisingly good actually, but it does run some of the risk that other products have been pinged with, which is marketing that promises an experience that no product really delivers.My biggest criticism of Ultra is that when sanding, it doesn’t powder up very well. It forms tiny, sticky little pills that are hard on abrasives. Most other premium trim paints form a fine powder when sanded through a range of grits.

via Behr Ultra Satin Paint and Primer in one Bench Test : The Blogging Painters.

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Home Painters Toronto bargaining for the right house painting price

Home Painters

Home Painters painting Condo
Home Painters condo painting on Yonge St.,

will bargain in the winter.

Oh yes, this is the time of year again where you can bargain for a cheaper

Interior painting quote

Painters are now looking around for work because of the winter weather is now here there is no exterior painting now in the winter leaving a lot of painters looking for interior house painting or condo painting jobs.

There is also another group of people who are less qualified representing themselves as “house painters”and a lot of them are advertising in different places like “Kijiji” and “craigslist”. These folks are the ones that are making it more difficult for the full-time professional painters to maintain a level of affordable and sustainable quality and performance.

Professional painters practice their skills year-round full-time. They have experience in all the aspects of painting. And the most important one is preparation for painting and here is where most unqualified painters lack. When a painting job is done by a part-time or unqualified house painter don’t expect the paint job to last or possibly even look like a fresh clean crisp paint job since they lack the experience and know-how.

Part-time painter is exactly what the term means. The painter does not do this full time and possibly will do it for a long time so this might mean that who cares how long the paint job will last. If you’re looking for a quick and dirty paint job these are the people to contact. You don’t have too much to lose when you’re not expecting much.

Empty room/Empty house this is the optimal way to have a good price from your painting contractor. Painter goes into your home expecting to paint not to move furniture from room to room and spending a lot of unnecessary time covering all the valuables in the whole with plastic and drop cloths. The more open the space is the easier it is to paint the room or house the best thing that a homeowner could do is to have an empty house for painting prior to moving in or after moving out this saves a great deal of painting time which obviously will be charged for.

I’m serious about this one. Most painters are normal people trying to make ends meet too. Just tell them that you want the best value for your money, you like them, but you really need a better price in order for you to go ahead with this project. A polite, “If you please give me a better painting quote, I will be happy to give you my business today” will many times work. Again, the key here is to be polite, and a little insistent that you want a better cost estimate for painting your home. As simple as this sounds, many times you will get what you ask for.”

via Home Painters Toronto » 7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter.

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