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Interior Doors Home Depot

 installed interior doors of people
new door installed
We do a lot of interior doors Home Depot type installations. A lot of our customers have tried using the interior doors installer carpenters from Home Depot but were not satisfied with the result

Mississauga handyman – carpentry

When doing interior door repair or installations or just simply hardware upgrades it’s better to work one-on-one with Mississauga handyman.

Upon arriving at your home and discussing your needs or problems with your door, we can discuss what and how we are going to do it.

Obviously we measure up the door first if we are doing a new door replacement. We then draw conclusions on what can be done and what should be done and we will know what we will be able to do with the interior door.

First of all doors come in standard sizes from Home Depot of course custom sizes could be ordered. Sometimes doors have to be a little shorter than normal or little narrower. This constitute a custom order.

The standard interior door sizes are as follows:

door thicknesses are available in 1 inch 3/8 and 1 inch 3/4.

And the standard widths are: 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches.

And the standard heights are: 80 inches, 84 inches and 96 in doors.

Anything different from these will be either custom ordered or we can adjust the size is on-site by either cutting them shorter replacing the “rail” which is a part of the skeleton of the door or by narrowing the door by replacing the “style”

All the doors this way will be custom fit opening and closing properly.

here are some of the complaints found on their own website This is not to say that the entire Home Depot service is no good but there are the occasional ones that show up that really are not qualified and here are some of the comments left on their site,

Interior doors  home depot installers important info to know

“Installer was NOT knowledgable enough to problem solve

December 21, 2014
I had to stand over this guy and keep asking him to make the step in safer. He finally came up with using wood instead of the material included for the footstep entry and then did not finish it off by sealing and painting the area. So, there is bare wood exposed.
interior bedroom doorDecember 21, 2014
I don’t feel like I got good quality work for the amount I paid. It took them 2 months to install my door after measuring which is ridiculous and conflicted with schedule. They had to do extra work because measuring apparently wasn’t done right and the door is already messing up. Highly dissatisfied.poor experience
December 17, 2014
The installer show up two days late with the wrong size door and no screens for the window. It then took another month to get the doorsShoddy installation
December 17, 2014
The installers did not install one of the doors properly the first time. The door would not close properly 100% of the time and would not lock at all. I called -they were supposed to come out and fix one day, whether they came out or not, I don’t know, the door was still not fixed. They had to come out a second time. It’s finally fixed. 2 months after installation.
These were some of the complaints just  lately
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Interior design and decorating

Interior design
One color simple interior design

Interior design and decorating

Interior design and decorating is a big subject. If you start off by simple things such as for example just simply rearrange your furniture and choosing which furniture to be and what room. Obviously you have to decide the purpose of the room and what the room is intended for. Once you know that for example the room is going to be a family room as opposed to a living room you can design your furniture layout. Many houses we work in the living room and the family room are in close proximity to the kitchen. Sometimes if you go one way exiting the kitchen you will go into a family room and on the other side you go into the living room. In many cases the family room has the fireplace.

Usually this room would be a more informal atmosphere allowing for a variety of different furnishings and wall decorations including different colors of paint and wallpaper.

Living Room
The living room’s  interior design a more formal place where you would like to keep everything uniform and orderly. Your living room furniture should match and complement each other and any other pieces of furnishings in the room. The amount of seating should depend on the estimated amount of people who would be in the room on an average case. These should be the permanent chairs or sofas available at all times. Living rooms are the rooms where you can put up a very nice and elegant window covering with multiple shearers and drapes and a variety of different ways of attaching it to the wall. The wall paint should complement the flooring and or any carpeting that you have.

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Bookshelf , Custom Carpentry


One bookshelf or more bookshelves will store lots of books or magazines.Is one item most people have, it’s an excellent way to organize your books and magazines.

Custom bookshelf


Our finish interior carpentry services include most of interior trim work and cabinetry repairs and custom alterations. Book shelving/bookshelves can be a freestanding piece of furniture or it can be a wall mounted book rack. This can be applied part and parcel with any interior trim alterations such as replacing the door casings and window casings to make everything look uniform.

Bookshelf Helps organize

You can also organize books and your belongings such as things like small electronic gadgets and storage boxes storing your favorite knickknacks

Wood bookshelf is quite common in homes.
Bookshelves can be made out of a lot of different types of materials, they can be made out of metal (wired or stamped shelving) or plastic and my favorite is wood. You can do all kinds of things with wood shelves, metal shelving is more of commercial use or heavy-duty use.
Shelves can be decorated to suit your living room or den or office and your private library. Bookshelves can be custom made to suit your needs in a variety of different configurations and styles. If you want to place a group of larger items on a shelf and then you have some smaller items they could be also placed on the same plane on a step shelf to make all items look to be the same height. There is a variety of different ways to attach the shelf to the wall. You might position the shelf using dowl pins or you might use adjustable metal clip holes.
Wood shelving can have a different variety of finishes. The wood can be stained or painted. Wood can also be varnished. Depending on the looks you’re trying to achieve you might choose, a nice walnut stained urethane with a satin or semigloss clear urethane or varathane finish. These finishes are tuff and durable and will last many years.

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How much do painters charge

how much do painters charge
How Much Do House Painters Charge


House painters charge:

in two ways:

House painters:

usually charge either by the hour at a given rate per hour or they charge by the job.

so how much do painters charge? And how do they charge

House painters per hour

This usually starts with a minimum charge whatever might be set at the time and agreed to if the painting work to be done is small. For example if a customer calls and asks to have a small bathroom painted only or some closet or shelving or a door and wants to pay by the hour, it is not economically worthwhile for the painter to do the work unless properly being paid for the time.

Painting a closet

This doesn’t seem like a big deal and shouldn’t sound like a large amount of money but the fact is that if they house painter has to come to your home from his place of business, he has to get into his vehicle drive to your location, spend time talking with you discussing the project and if agreed upon then grab his painting tools and get ready the closet by covering all the floor removing the close sand the walls possibly do some drywall repairs before starting painting. Closet painting sometimes tedious and difficult due to its confined situation and circumstances it is sometimes more difficult and takes more time to paint a closet that it doesn’t paint a whole bedroom. There is an upper shelf sometimes wood sometimes wire that is supported by either braces or cleats attached to the wall which have to be painted around one by one. That there is a situation that the wall has to be painted on the entrance side of the closet that would be more difficult to get out because of the tight situation.

But let’s say for example that a professional painter estimates the closets to take an hour to paint and his rate is $40 an hour. Considering this the painting project for this closet should be around $100-$120 at the low end taking into consideration all the time spent from driving their to completing the job.

Contract painting

Condo painting by the job/contract

instead of painting by the hour the painting contractor takes the job on as one lump sum. Obviously when the job is larger there is more cushion for travel time which can be absorbed in the job itself. Larger painting projects due to the amount of more quantity of time taken can be done at a lesser dollar rate because there is more of it.

When painting a condo and everything is all set up such as all the floors are covered and the furnishings are protected and everything is put away in boxes or out of harms way it is easier to quickly move around with repairs and painting throughout the apartment. And at this time the $120 that was charge previously for painting the closet now can be absorbed at a much lesser rate while painting the entire bedroom.

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