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Month: June 2014

Deck Staining Wood Stain Oils Vs. Latex

deck and fence staining

Deck staining, which is better? Oil stain versus latex stain? Don’t know which type of stain you should use when doing deck staining? Read on and learn the ins and outs of both oil and latex stain. Deck Staining Not only is the type of stain but the quality of the stain is important. Our Toronto […]

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Home Staging – Maximize Selling Price – Minimize Selling Time – Toronto

Home Staging We have a lot of real estate agents and home stagers call us to repaint certain parts of the home. Sometimes not the entire house has to be painted especially if the house is in very good condition has a well-maintained paint job and the colors are suitable. Room Colors Some of the […]

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Professional Painters , Interior Decorating

 Professional Painters , Interior Decorating Interior Decorating And Painting Over the years after thousands of homes and painter gets a sense of what colors to choose in various situations. Homes if you have noticed are becoming larger and larger and people like more open spaces inside their homes. They enjoy more lighting and just sheer volume […]

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Factors That Affect Cost of Condo Painters

Condo Painters One of the most important things that you should know when hiring a condo painters contractor is the cost of their service. It is important to have an idea how much you will be paying for the job especially if you are working on a limited budget. This is why you should get an […]

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Condo Painting Tips by Professionals

  Condo Painting Condo Painting is no different from painting a regular house. You also need the same materials like paint, primer, sander, roller or brush, and ladder, to name a few. The main difference is the size of the space. Condo units are generally smaller than traditional houses. You also have to consider the other residents […]

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What to Look for When Hiring Condo Painters

Condo Painters Hiring condo painters in the boroughs of the Greater Toronto Area like in Mississauga and Richmond Hill is not difficult as long as you follow some useful tips on what to look for when hiring a painting contractor for your condo unit. You have to understand that painting a condo unit is different […]

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