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Condo painting

price run standard in the industry with more established Toronto painting companies. We have been painting condos and apartments for over 30 years and it generally our prices fall in with the norm.

A condo owner might expect that the cost of painting a condo would be cheaper than painting a house per square area. But in fact painting a condo is no different as far as the painting work itself is concerned. There is still a certain amount of preparation work as is there with house painting and the actual process of paint application is exactly the same.

Mind you there are additional difficulties painting a condo as opposed to paint a detached home or semi-detached house.

If the condo is let’s say for example on the 20th floor this is an additional time expenditure and difficulty not occurred when painting a private home. In many cases there are time limits when jobs can be performed and certain amount of bureaucratic red tape involved with the job.

Then there is noise limits where you have to abide by the condos rules, additionally sometimes after working in the condo there is nowhere to dispose of the paint cans except take them back with you instead of putting them out in the garbage in the recycle. Our regular garbage.

In addition to all this there might be a parking charge if the customer has no space available for parking the truck.


So… how much to paint a Condo in Toronto?Ecopainting has possibly painted hundreds of condo units in the Toronto area, so we can definitely discuss average pricing based on our experience. Let’s say the condo is a 600 square foot unit with a bedroom and a den, open space kitchen and living area, and two small bathrooms.  We have painted units of that size for $1.000.00 or less, with minimal prep, one colour, painting walls only. This type of painting is just a clean-up type of painting, good for renting a unit, or making it look better for Real Estate sale purposes. With closets painted, doors and trim getting a coat of paint, you are closer to $1,500.00  Additional colours, an upgrade to better quality paint, and more prep work, will likely bring the price closer to $2,000.00

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Call us now for a free estimate on the phone for your condo painting needs whether it is to paint walls or paint all your surfaces such as ceilings, walls and trim. You might want to do stucco ceiling removal (get rid of the popcorn) and make it flat and smooth.

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Deck Building, Repairs And Staining


This winter was extremely harsh and hard on our exterior wood Even the best of labor and materials applied last year broke down in some cases. I spoke to the owner of a established Benjamin Moore store where he told me that he himself personally stained his deck on his own home and had stain failure. And he knows exactly the procedure and what things to use and t type of stain to apply. And the weather conditions appropriate for this type of work

Deck repairs and staining

there is a number of things that should be taken in consideration when planning a deck staining job. Deck repairs and staining is not an easy job if done right. Preparation is the bulk of the work because without proper preparation including any deck repairs you will have done all this in vain because the following months or year you are going to have more and possibly bigger problems.

To do a decent job in your preparation work you have to make sure that you have the right tools because without the right tool the process will be much slower and probably not as good and thorough. Renting the right tools might cost quite a bit of money because you probably won’t be able to take the tool back quickly. This is especially so if you do not know how to use the tools or haven’t had enough experience in the procedure with the tool.

Just for an example you will have to know what grit of sanding paper you will need to sand the deck with. You will also have to know what type of sanding machine you will need for this job whether it be  belt sander or a flat pad sander.

Also if you have to do any deck repairs you will have to have some basic carpentry knowledge on executing different things such as tightening up railings or replacing deck boards.

Staining a deck

you will need to remove all of the old exterior painting so that the new stain finish can properly adhere to the wood. This can be quite a time consuming process because a painting contractor will need to inspect for any previous signs of water or sun damage, strip the old exterior painting assuming that your deck was previously painted rather stained with a paint stripper, deep clean the wood with a low power washer sprayer and sand down any raised wood fibers before even thinking about staining a deck. The surface preparation consists of about 80% of the project time-most of which is spent stripping the exterior painting. However, once the surface preparation steps have been completed, the painting contractor will move onto staining the deck, which is actually the fun part of the project!When selecting a wood stain finish, choose a semi-transparent oil-based stain that is water repellent. This kind of stain finish may be more on the pricey side, but it will definitely pay off in the end! As soon as you have made your color selection, a painting contractor will apply the stain with a natural bristle brush. The actual staining should only take a couple of hours to complete. Let the stain coat dry for about one to two days, depending on humidity, before walking on the deck. You will be amazed at how removing the exterior painting and staining of the wood will transform the look of your deck. Now you can enjoy your beautifully stained deck for years to come!

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toronto painting

toronto painters

is a well seasoned professional painting and carpentry company since 1979. there are not too many painting or carpentry projects that we haven’t done.

In the first picture you will see that we had to do some doorjamb replacement and repairs before painting the door and frame.

Condo painting

is one of my favorites most times we can paint a condo one day depending on the circumstances. As you can see from the picture we cover all the floors to protect against any paint and damages with paint drop sheets. We cover the entire floor where we are painting the walls. We have ample amounts of painting drop sheets to protect against any paint sprinkles or spills. We usually lay them down at the beginning of the job and they stay there throughout the whole course of the painting. From plaster repairs and sending through to finish coat painting.

Kitchen cabinets painting

We are masters at refinishing kitchen cabinets  this customer had tired looking white kitchen cabinets prior to painting them there were a few dings, scratches and wear marks on the doors there were even a few spots where water had damaged the kitchen cupboard doors.

Ceiling painting

this is the one thing that no one likes to do. Ceiling painting is difficult and hard work and if you don’t get it just right it won’t look good. There could be lines from the roller or shady spots and light spots that reflect poorly when light hits it in a certain angle. We make sure that the ceiling looks perfect all the time. We use top-quality flat white ceiling paint applying it professionally to ensure you get a perfect ceiling.


Exterior painting

this is where the true professional painter shines. So many times we have gone back to a previously painted job by the home order from the year before. The trick is in the preparation work preparing the wood/window or door frame eavesdrops or garage doors or bay windows with a lot of wood paneling. All of these items have to be properly prepared with sanding and caulking and filling of holes and cracks We are well equipped with all the exterior painting tools such as long extension poles repainting and extension ladder.