Toronto painters FAQ: Tips for Interior & Exterior Home Painting


Here are some quick tips on your interior painting project. If you intend to paint a room in your home completely and you do not want to hire a

Toronto painting contractor

here are some tips and ideas on how to go about doing your own DIY home painting project. The following information is based on a home owners available retail tools and basic skill. Professional painting contractors use top-quality tools and have years of practice and developed techniques to ensure quality and speed. But the information below should be enough to be able to help you along if you decide you want to do the interior room painting yourself.

Painting FAQ: Tips for Interior & Exterior Home Painting | Kelly-Moore Paints

Interior painting tips

Walls, ceilings, and other large, flat surfaces should be painted as follows:

First, a 2″ to 3″ border is painted along all corners, edges and other areas that can’t be easily reached with a 7″ or 9″ roller. A 2″ to 3″ brush or paint pad works well for this step.

Next, a 7″ or 9″ roller is used to fill in the middle. Starting at one corner of the surface, the paint should be applied over only about one square yard at a time. This way, the paint will be less likely to dry out between passes this is known as keeping a ‘wet edge’. Otherwise, the paint may dry out between passes, causing a lap mark to show where the two coats overlap.

It’s usually best to paint the ceiling first, (good painting techniques always start from painting from the top down which only makes sense, when the ceiling paint is dry you can continue) then the walls. This reduces the chance of marring a freshly painted surface.

When painting ceilings, a little less paint should be carried on the brush or roller, to reduce spattering. (Use a good quality half-inch or three-quarter inch pile roller) When painting the ceiling, the paint should be applied across the shorter side of the ceiling, so the paint will be less likely to dry out between passes.

When painting cabinets, doors, windows and trim, start with the least visible and least accessible areas, and finish with the more accessible areas.

On paneled doors, the edges and paneled areas are painted first, then the broad surfaces.

For cabinets, the inside surfaces are painted first, then the narrow trim and panelled areas, and finally the broad outside surface. (This is where it can be a little trickier if you are fussy about the overall look and finish of your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet painting requires more skill and you cannot hide any bad paintwork. The surface must be smooth, even and blemish free .)

When painting windows, start with the least accessible surfaces first, and finish with the most accessible areas. Be careful not to get paint on the weather stripping or contact areas, or the window might stick.When painting cabinets, shelving, etc., it might be easier to remove the hardware, then lay the items flat. It’s easier to paint a horizontal surface than a vertical one, and the paint will level out better.

via Painting FAQ: Tips for Interior & Exterior Home Painting | Kelly-Moore Paints.

If you decide that your painting project is a little overwhelming and takes up too much of your time or you don’t think that you can do a good paint job. Or possibly you don’t feel like going out and spending a few hundred dollars on tools that you could just simply give the painting contractor to complete the job worry and hasslefree.


For a professionally executed interior room painting job or for that matter complete interior home paint job and Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton or Oakville call 647-930-8399 for a free painting estimate

Toronto deck

Toronto Deck

Repairs are starting to get busy now with all kinds of staining and repairing inquiries.

Deck repairs

Are a normal maintenance issue that have to be addressed every year.

Deck steps

Are usually one of the first things to become loose and wobbly and possibly unsafe. Since the steps are sitting virtually on top of water most the time in the grass. It stays the moist just for the longest period of time enabling wood rot. When the stringers holding the steps become rotten at the bottom they will lose their solid footing and become insecure. Many times we have to remove the treads and remove the stringers and put in a new fresh pair of stringers to give the steps stability again.

Deck railing

This is another place where water plays a big role in ruining the integrity security of the railing. Water makes bolts loosen up sometimes and makes wood swell and contract and dry out. Water will sit at the junction where a vertical pickets is sitting on top of a horizontal cross bar. Loose railings could be dangerous if not secure, someone could be leaning up against the railing expecting it to hold them and they fall off the deck.


Deck boards


Deck boards are also a large cause of repair because of water eroding the board causing fissures and splits and nails coming loose and starting to come out. Some cases it is easy as just simply driving some screws and where the nails were for a more secure connection. In some cases when the board is too far gone is easier just to replace the board with a fresh piece o wood plank or board


Deck staining and power washing


When decks are in good condition after inspection and there’s nothing wrong we power wash the deck and if sanding is needed we sand the deck.

After sanding we apply most  in cases to coats of top-quality UV protective water resistant stain. We like to use staying called San–Sin  stains.

Call now for a free estimate:  647-930-8399

Construct a Raised Planting Bed

Homes with limited space that possibly do not have enough space for a regular garden might consider building this

raised bed garden

. This type of garden can be placed over just about anything such as the end of the driveway or a spot on your lawn. It is small enough that it can be hand tilled and maintained yet remarkably is large enough to go substantial amount of vegetables. Of course this all depends on how large you do make the raised wood planter.

Method 3 of 4: Building the Raised Bed Place posts. Use 4x4s cut to twice the height of the intended raised bed. Dig holes and place the bottom half of the 4×4 into the ground, anchoring the post.

Building a raised garden bed
first step in building a raised garden

Cover and ensure that the posts are level and in the correct place.
2-Attach long-side boards. Cut your intended siding to the length of the long side between posts, including the width of the post itself. Use nails or screws of an appropriate length and drive two at the end of each board into the posts. Place boards until the sides are the intended height of the bed. Cut boards to be narrower for the last piece, if necessary.
“I would prefer to use screws as opposed to nails because if you ever intend on dismantling this planter box and it will be much easier. These boards should be made out of Cedar or hardwood that has not been treated with chemicals for obvious reasons because when the woods gets wet it will seep the chemicals into the earth that eventually will feed the plants and get into your system after you eat them. The  Lengths of the boards to be on the safe side should be less than 2 feet long to ensure that they don’t bow and bend and twist. The longer the length of the board the more pressure there is on the sidewalk so you might consider putting in cross braces between two parallel boards to make sure that the boards don’t bow out this also will make a nice divider for different parts of your garden.” law will will you
3-Attach short-side boards. Measure and cut the short-side boards to the distance between the outer edge of the two long-side boards. Again, use two nails at the ends of each board, driven into the posts.
4-Create a lip, if desired. You can create a more attractive raised bed by adding a lip to the upper edge. First, cut and miter a picture-frame style lip from boards of the desired width for the lip. Acquire lumber posts which are half the width of the lip and use appropriate nails to attach these to the outer side, at the top of the bed. Fit the mitered lip together and nail those pieces at the inside corners from the top, down into the post and the brace beam underneath.5Cut a piece of gardening plastic or weed mat to fit the footprint of your raised bed.

 raised garden bed underlay
place this down first when do you think your ETA is?

By putting a barrier down, you will significantly reduce the weeds that will grow in your bed. Seven or eight layers of dampened newspaper will also keep the weeds from growing, as well as cardboard from appliance boxes be sure to remove any tape on the cardboard.

via 4 Ways to Construct a Raised Planting Bed – wikiHow.

For any exterior carpentry work such as deck building or deck repairing also fenced gate repairs and custom wood planters please call us for a quote at 416-568-3547. Will be more than happy to build you a beautiful cedar deck or a nice raised flower bed or garden.

Deck Staining, Building, Carpentry

Selecting The Right Wood or Composite

Toronto deck repairs on: Selecting the right Wood for your Deck

Toronto deck repairs and deck building are mostly made from the most common of woods that are locally available with ease from the building centers such as Home Depot, Rona and Home hardware. They are the major suppliers mostly for the common deck builder. Even when you buy red Western Cedar is not as good as naturally grown wood.

Buying wood for your deck that is a high quality has to be more than likely a special order from a specialty supplier of deck wood that can order from various parts of the country here in Canada or possibly even the US.

There are several popular choices for deck boards. Once you have chosen the boards, I pick the appropriate wood for your trim, posts and railings. Based on your needs and budget, I can build decks out of other woods and composite materials.

Redwood ~ A distinctive pink/red colored wood which ages to gray. The red heartwood is naturally resistant to damage from termites and moisture. Any white part of a redwood board, known as sapwood, has little resistance to termites and rot. I use Construction Grade Heart Redwood, commonly known as Con Heart, which has no sapwood and some knots. I can also use more expensive grades of redwood, if your budget permits.

Mangaris™ (Red Balau) ~ A dense grained, reddish-brown hardwood from Indonesia/Thailand that ages to a silver gray like Teak. It stains up like Mahogany and is more durable than Redwood. It costs about 10-20% more than redwood and is moderately more labor intensive. See the rich color of the unstained wood.

“Ironwoods” ~ A chocolate brown family of heavy and durable South American hardwoods, including Ipe and Pau Lope. They offer excellent termite and weather resistance. However, they are considerably more labor intensive and it costs about 10-20% more than redwood.

Composites ~ The best known of these new decking materials is Trex™, an extremely durable mix of wood fibers (sawdust) and recycled plastics. It requires no staining, painting, waterproofing, or regular wood maintenance. However, urban legend has it that squirrels love using Trex edges to sharpen their teeth. New composites are coming on the market every day and research on the Internet will yield lots of options. To see what colors and grains are available, check out Trex’s Brasilia,

Accents and Origins products.

via Selecting The Right Wood or Composite for Los Angeles Decks, Fences, Gates & Arbors.

These ones are quite exotic and probably cost more than most people can afford to pay for wood on a deck. Also it is worth mentioning that the additional extra expense for the premium wood doesn’t mean that it would lasting longer, it might just be aesthetically pleasing and that’s it.

We have found that special order red Cedar grade 1 even though it cost quite about more money is worth it is just simply looks great and rich.

For further info on deck repairs and deck and fence building call for an estimate in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Oakville.

Vic… 416-568-3547

deck repairs and building inToronto
Painter staining red Western Cedar


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Condo painting

Toronto painting contractors

In this

Toronto House and Condo Painting  Contractor

section discusses all the different aspects of a house painter and what they do. House painting consists of many different abilities.

 painter painting fireplace

The house painter must be able to paint the house or condo in a neat and tidy and efficient way along both the homeowner and the contractor to achieve their goals. This meaning that the homeowner must get a good quality at a good value paint job with no hassles and inconvenience.


Toronto painting  company

on the other hand must be able to perform the paint job quickly and efficiently so as to generate some profit from the painting contract.

Therefore it is a good idea to discuss the needs and requirements of a paint job whether it is a condo painting or a house painting. If the home has a lot of drywall damage and ceiling damage these must be taken into account in the overall price of the paint job. It takes time material and energy to repair damaged drywall such as fixing holes and cracks or fixing

stucco ceiling , stucco ceiling removal.

Or possibly the previous owner had left a bunch of holes from shelving or some permanent fixture attached to the walls. These holes or damages have to be plastered all over sanded primed and then painted at an extra cost over and above a regular paint job.

Access to painting

Job coordination has to take place whenever the home is lived in to be able to coordinate which rooms to paint first and in what order. The homeowner has to be able to coordinate what and where to put the furniture if there is too much furniture in the room. Sometimes the homeowner will actually move out while the paint job is being performed. This usually happens when the homes are just being bought or just being sold.

What Type of paints to use?

You want to get what you pay for and paint. If you buy at cheap inexpensive low quality paint you think you are saving money but you are not. A cheap paint doesn’t not go as far per gallon you don’t get as much square footage a gallon of paint as you would with a high quality premium paint. When you decide to use a cheap paint you will not only have to buy more paint you will also have to do more additional coats for the paint to look good. A high quality premium paint might cost you more but you will have less work to do and possibly you will not use much paint per square foot.

Preparing to paint

This all depends on the condition of what is being painted and how you want it to look in the end. If this is a paint job in a high-end home you will have to carefully sand and caulk and putty any dents to a smooth finish. Fill in the gaps and cracks with expandable latex caulking carefully not to smear caulking on to the painted wood. Each and every individual coat of paint will be lightly sanded between coats to ensure that there is no specs of dust in the paint. The final coat should come out very smooth and even.

Room cleanup

After the rooms have been painted each room should have everything put back into place the way it was originally and the floor should be cleaned/vacuumed for dust.

Additional services offered by the painting contractor.

Some painting contractors will offer additional services such as carpentry work. Carpenter work such as removing and installing new baseboards or installing crown molding by the ceiling or remove and installed new doors and window casings.

In the summer months it is also quite busy with repairing and building wood decks on the exterior of houses. Some decks need power washing  and staining. In some cases the whole will need to have the exterior wood deck removed and rebuilt. In many cases all the floorboards from over the years have rotted and decayed to the point where they are unsafe to stand on. The carpenter will go out remove these boards and replace them with fresh new cedar or pressure-treated boards.


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Toronto House Painters Kijiji ad Now Posted

Toronto house painters

have just posted a house painting special pricing on Kijiji. Our painting offer also includes top-quality premium brand paints. We base our special pricing on 1 gallon of paint usage per room additional paint for larger rooms will cost more obviously.

Our room preparation consists of covering all furniture and floors and moving furniture around in the room to facilitate painting of the walls.

House painting

in the rooms first starts with preparation work which is included. We prepare all the walls with spot plastering such as nail holes from pictures and cracks around Windows and door frames. This is included in the price if there are any more serious drywall repairs they will be charged as an extra.

Drywall repairs

will be sanded smooth to the wall and primed. This is important because if it is not sanded properly there will be either a bump on the wall or there will be a depression either one is no good and they do show up in various lighting conditions.

Finish painting

will be performed next. We apply two coats of top-quality paints such as Benjamin Moore or Pittsburgh Manor Hall and sometimes Sherwin-Williams paint. Using top-quality paints ensures that you are getting a paint that is long-lasting and fade resistant and sometimes washable depending on which type of paint you are having installed.

Painting inspection is performed before we start our cleanup making sure that everything looks good and paint is covering properly and that there are no runs or paint sags or paint misses. When we are satisfied that the paint job looks perfect then we start doing our clean.

Painting work cleanup is done by picking up all the drop sheets and plastic from the floor and furniture carefully making sure that nothing falls off the drop sheet, drywall dust and paint chips. We carefully fold up our drop sheets taking care not to get any dirt on the floor making it easier for us to clean up afterwards.

Kijiji “Toronto house painters and carpenters ad can be seen at house painters and carpenters banner

Call is now for a free estimate for house painting and deck repairs at 416-568-3547