kitchen cabinets painting

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

It’s getting to be about that  time again  people start thinking about kitchen cabinets painting  and cabinet painting. We are one of the best,

Toronto kitchen painting contractor in Toronto

 But also paint kitchen cabinets in Mississauga or Oakville .

Kitchen Cabinets painting

is not the same as

kitchen painting

The picture belowIt Is a straight kitchen paintingWhere we just painted the walls only.

 kitchen cabinets painting left undone
Kitchen walls only


It involves many more steps. There is a lot of preparation work involved even prior to the painter stepping in to start their painting. Best practices for painting kitchen cupboards is to empty out all the cupboards to ensure that there is no damage done to the contents such as dishes OR coffee cups and drinking glasses.The reason that kitchen cupboards should be emptied out is because when the cupboards are being sanded it makes dust so obviously the best thing to do is remove all your contents putting them into a safe place while the painting is being performed.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

A makeover doesn’t necessarily mean replacing those gloomy cabinets. You can clean them up and brush on some new paint—and within a weekend take that kitchen from dreary to sunny.


Kitchen cabinets painting

Kitchen cupboard painting starts with preparation work, washing all the dirt and grease off the doors and walls than letting them dry. After they are dry the next debt is to do a light sanding everywhere to ensure that you remove the glaze. And also to ensure that the basecoat (paint primer) will bond. When everything has been fairly sanded down it should be wiped with a tack cloth to remove all the accumulated dust. In some cases the next step would be to put a basecoat down especially formulated for kitchen cupboard doors such as melamine and other plastics that the doors and cabinets are laminated with. When the prime coat has dried it will also receive a light sanding with 180 or 240 grit fine sandpaper just to get rid of the fluff balls and dust balls. Then again it will be wipes down to remove any dust.

In most cases to finish coats will be applied of melamine paint which mostly these days is either a straight latex combinations or a highbred mixture of oil and latex. This hybrid mixture tends to dry a little bit slower and also levels out little smoother creating a smoother finish after drying (not as much orange peel effect or brush marks).

Once all the kitchen cupboards and Cupboard doors are dry by the following day it will be okay to put back all the doorknobs/handles and hardware. Care must be taken though because the paint will still be relatively soft even though it has surface hardened. Once you develop a scratch on a finish surface which has a perfect paint job on it it will be difficult to repair a scratch on it. You will have to wait a long enough time to be able to sand down the scratched area so you will be able to blend in a new coat of paint.

Clear Topcoats for kitchen cupboards and doors

There are some clear topcoats that can be applied after a while on your freshly Kitchen cabinets painting, this will give further protection against wear and tear and scratches. The same amount of care has to be taken applying to this clear coat appliction because it also has the effect of orange peel or brush marks so you still have to be careful the way you apply it not to create such marks.

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If you are interested in a Toronto kitchen painting contractor call us at 416-568-3547

Toronto Condo Painting Company :The Best Way to Increase the Value of a Condo Tip

The Best Way to

Increase Condo Value 

Whether you live in a traditional detached house or a condominium unit, increasing the value of your home is paramount in planning for a future resale or for refinancing a mortgage. Since physical limits and homeowners association bylaws restrict the sort of improvements that can be made to a condo — no room additions or in-ground swimming pools, for instance — condo values must be improved from the inside.

And this generally is done by making sure that you keep your condo in top shape if you regularly maintain

Condo painting

on everything including the walls ceilings and trim it will be less expensive in the long run. One relatively simple example of saving money on maintenance and repainting is by staying on top and not allowing any damages or defects to expand and get bigger. If you catch something at the very beginning it might be a very small compared job taking little time or money but if you procrastinate and don’t do any repairs this situation could get larger and harder to fix which costs more money.

We were doing a job in a

Toronto condo

recently where the owner wasn’t paying attention to the caulking around the wall and the shower stall. If you order would have paid attention and thought about some maintenance on cleaning and caulking around these areas there wouldn’t have been such a large part to plaster and repair.

Caulking between adjoining surfaces is paramount especially in damp and humid places such as washrooms and kitchens. When there is a buildup of water on a horizontal surface adjacent to a vertical surface which is made out of drywall it is smart to make sure that none of the moisture seeps into and between the horizontal surface and the vertical surface.

Bathtub caulking is one of the main culprits. Every once in a while the caulking loses its integrity and allows moisture and water to get in behind and through to the drywall. When we do our wall painting and it is evident that there was possibility that the caulking would fail we would remove it. After removing the caulking we clean up the area making sure that the new caulking will stick. Cleaning up after the old caulking sometimes takes various approaches in removing it. When silicone caulking has been placed it has to be caught out with a very sharp knife such as an olfa knife which is a very sharp utility knife. After the bulk of the caulking has been removed and there is some remnants of silicone stuck to the two different surfaces it is recommended that with the finger to roll back and forth on top of the remaining silicone to form a ball which you can remove.

Applying the new caulking requires a little bit of practice making sure that you are able to put down the caulking smoothly and evenly throughout the run. This takes a little practice but is necessary to make sure that the finished product looks good and even.

Condo Painting  Window
Condo Painting  Window

Painting around Windows and window openings is another place that requires more attention. Probably one of the dirtiest and at least attended to areas is the window area. Here the hot and cold meet creating a lot of dew on the window causing problems around the window framing and drywall return. This area has to be properly primed and painted to protect against paint failure. It doesn’t hurt to everyone so while properly clean the area/edges around the window to keep it from building up dirt and mildew.

When it’s time to do your condo staging to sell your condo support to keep the small ideas in mind because whoever is looking at your condo will see immediately and keep in their mind the bad things over the good things. So the small stuff such as paint peeling or buildup of dirt and mildew is important to keep controlled. 

Realistic Remodeling

The OwnACondo website warns, “Keep in mind that not all home improvements will greatly increase the resale value of your condo, since some upgrades add luxury without increasing worth.” According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value 2013 Report, a midrange bathroom remodel project cost $15,782 and recovered $10,295, or 65.2 percent, in resale value. The project updated a small bathroom, replacing the tub and surround, toilet, vanity and sink, tile floor and wallpaper. A minor kitchen remodel that replaced cabinet fronts and countertops, installed a new sink and faucet and a new cooktop and wall oven, and added a new wall covering and flooring, cost $18,527 and recovered $13,977, or 75.4 percent.

Condo painting sometimes is the most cost-effective way of bringing your condo to market. A nice new bright clean paint job might be all you need to bring your condo back to life. And as you can see from the sample above spending all these big bucks sometimes doesn’t work. Especially if you are not successful in selling your condo but it is good if you want to keep your condo and live in it.



via The Best Way to Increase the Value of a Condo | Everyday Life – Global Post.

Mississauga carpenters- Rules for Finish Carpentry

In any case, you’ll want to use boards as wide as possible as your starting and ending courses. Measure the room width at both the wide and narrow ends, and subtract the expansion gaps. Divide these measurements by the floorboard width. Multiply the remainders by half the board width. These will be the widths of the starting and ending strips at the wide and narrow ends of the room. If these strips are narrow, try adding half a board width. As long as these sums are less than full board widths, use them for the starting and ending strips. This keeps the converging lines of the baseboards and the first and last seams as far apart as possible.

 Tips on making your floor look straight and even.
Making your floor look straight and even.

via Ten Rules for Finish Carpentry – Fine Homebuilding Article.

Mississauga carpenters

can make your deck repairs easier than it looks.

It is not always as easy as it looks. If your walls aren’t straight or if your room is not square and your walls are not parallel to each other there can be some great problems manipulating your floorboards to make it look good. We usually measure the room to see for squareness and parallelism. I usually mockup floor layout to get a visual representation of what can look like. If your walls are out in small increments then it is possible to hide gaps. You can hide gaps with a combination of baseboards and either shoe molding our quarter round. You can vary the thickness of both but don’t forget that if you go too much with these variables then it will end up looking awkward. So a decision has to be made whether or not you can make these adjustments with baseboard and shoe molding or you might want to rip a strip of flooring to make up the difference.

If you are using tongue and groove flooring you have a small amount of leeway for adjustment again because if you use too large of a gap this is not the way that it was meant to be visually or mechanically.

If you are unsure of what your flooring is going to look like laid out the way it’s going look finished visually inspect to see where you can make your adjustments. Try to be as accurate as possible with your mockup so that when it comes to your final adjustment floorboard it will be the correct size when you cut it.

You can always call us for a estimate on doing your carpenter work,

interior carpentry


exterior carpentry

in Toronto or Mississauga. Called Vic at 416-568-3547.

Toronto deck repairs

Toronto Deck

Toronto Deck

building and repairs is often neglected until it is almost too late. If proper deck maintenance should be in place to ensure longevity of your wood deck.

When a homeowner hires a deck builder in Toronto to build and assemble a new deck they assume that the deck will stay perfect condition forever. Well that is wrong. Okay it looks good for the first couple years all things being equal but it starts developing cracks and fissures. Screws start backing out and would starts warping and disfiguring. It also might start fading and even flaking depending on the type of stain that was applied.

To start with originally when the deck was first being built the deck builder should handpick each individual piece of lumber going into the assembly of the deck ensuring that the quality of the wood is in perfect condition. The  wood should be absolutely straight without any bends or bows, twists or improper lengths.

While assembling the proper types of fasteners should be used to ensure a proper connection between the adjoining surfaces that are being attached together. The screws should be a good quality noncorrosive deck screw that is weather resistant. Certain types of woods require different types of screws. It is advisable to use screws as opposed to nails because screws when they loosen up little bit can be retightened relatively security again but a nail once it loosens it can’t maintain the firm hold it had originally. Often it is a good idea prior to assembling and wood deck it is smart to paint or stain the underside prior to assembling it this will keep moisture and rot from happening.

After the

wood deck

has been assembled we usually let the wood acclimatized and settled prior to painting or staining it.

In the following years every year deck maintenance should include a good washing removing all leaves and dead organic material off the deck and cleaned out between any cracks or holes or crevices ensuring that there is no bed of potential fungus or rot happening. Every spring after the snow melts and the sun starts shining regularly is the time when you might want to give the deck a quick touchup coat of stain where it looks like it might need it.

Toronto deck repairs

Toronto Deck Repair Season is Here!

cedar deck staining

Toronto Deck Repair

maintenance program.
Well it’s getting to be about that time again, it’ll be time to start cleaning up all the winter debris off and around your deck. This winter might have been a little tougher on it because of extreme weather we had this year.

The same type of situation occurs here as does with the roads, and that is potholes. These are created by water getting in between cracks and holes and then splitting more open. And the more often that we have a thaw and freeze the more the wood will be damaged.


Power washing decks.

This is an important aspect of deck maintenance, which we offer as a service (Power washing and staining decks and fences). When you power wash  your deck you remove all kinds of sediment and dirt that allow for weeds to grow in and insects to live in .Therefore it is a good idea to power wash your deck. They should be done every fall to remove your leaves that will eventually crumble and turn into dirt which will make a good home for a variety of things. At the least you should sweep off the deck and with a deck brush, wash the deck off and scrub out the dirt.


Inspecting for bad or rotting boards.

In the springtime preparing your deck should be easier. Wash your deck off again from all the winter leftovers. Start a thorough inspection all the way around your wood deck to make sure that all things are the way they should be. Check to see if any railings or steps have gotten loose or any floor boards on the deck floor have loosened or moved. Look at all the  fasteners whether they were screws or nails and make sure that they are screwed in tight or hammered back in flush to the wood. Generally when nails get loose and start pulling out it’s not a good idea to put the mail back in exactly the same hole again because it will come on again. It is best to insert the nail in a different location or instead of using a nail use a screw.

Check your boards to make sure that they are not rotting, sometimes the board looks good with a layer of paint or stain on it camouflaging the deteriorated wood underneath. Sometimes it is as easy as pushing your finger into the wood and seeing if you’re finger will penetrate the board and if so the boards need to be replaced.

If you are complete with your inspection of your deck and everything looks fine this would be a good time to apply a Touch up coat of stain to your deck. The deck at this time should be in its cleanest state. As the spring will roll along and you start using the deck it will be more difficult to do any work on it. So plan ahead to make your deck maintenance as easy as possible.

In some situations where the Home owner inspects the deck and finds that there are a lot of areas that need wood repairs and fresh boards and possibly the floor joists are giving way. It is wise to call us at Toronto deck repairs and ask for Vic for a deck repair estimate .

For deck repairs re- building steps and railings and replacing boards,

Power washing and staining decks

and fences and fence gates call now for an estimate.

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Exterior Painting Step 7: Brushing and Rolling the House

[uvc-youtube id=”5C_k0D7RJZg” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]

John Burbidge, author of the book “Watching Paint Dry,” shows how to paint a house with a brush and roller and get pro results. Visit http://www.howtopaintah…

It is soon time to start thinking about

exterior painting

 House paintersof your house. Hopefully you haven’t left it let it go for a long time.

The longer you leave your existing paint job on your home the harder it will be to do the proper preparation priming and painting. If the homeowner does a constant yearly maintenance of their exterior painting the longer it will last and the less work involved when it comes to painting the entire house.

House painters

charge by the effort involved. And of course the amount of paint used. If the home has been neglected for number of years you’ll be that much harder to bring it back up to top condition.

At the least the house should be washed every year to remove all the dirt and organic sediment that helps quicker deterioration of the paint job. Also doing a yearly maintenance make sure that all the windows are cocked properly and if not they can be touched up feeling any cracks or crevices with caulking to ensure that there is no leakage of water into the boards and into the window frame.

For further info please contact Vic, we serve, Mississauga Toronto and Oakville and Richmond Hill. Don’t hesitate to call 416-568-3547 for painting estimate.

24 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment: Ideas for Apartments, Condos, and Rentals

Condo Painting Options

 if painting or condo walls is a no-no paint your furniture.
Great painting ideas for condos and apartments

If you can’t

paint the walls

in your apartment, paint your furniture. A new paint job on a bed frame or nightstand can be just as impactful as new color on the walls. Go to the next slide to learn how to paint furniture. via 24 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment: Ideas for Apartments, Condos, and Rentals. If you don’t feel like going sue all the effort of painting your condo or your apartment or possibly your landlord will not allow you to do any condo painting then we have a solution. It is possible that you can make some real decorative improvements on painting your furniture.

Painting furniture

can be done in more of a confined area away from harms way. You can do your painting a localized over some newspapers or a bed sheet to protect your floors or possibly protect your kitchen table if that is where you might be painting it. There are some wobbly finishes you can apply to different wood furniture is such as end tables, light stands even dressers and drawers. You can redecorate your headboard on your bed or even paint your lampshades. As you can see from the picture you can choose some interesting colors that will pop away from the wall giving it a totally different new look.

 distressed furniture
furniture with the distressed look

All it takes is to type in “

distressed look

”in your browser window you will come up with hundreds of different ideas and clues on refinishing and repainting your furniture to an interesting look if you are interested in watching a YouTube video on applying distressed look check out:  will  For more info on condo painting call 416-568-3547 and ask for Vic

Mississauga carpenters deck repairs on steps.

Mississauga carpenters

are often called for loose and wobbly steps on

wood decks

. When steps get loose on decks they can become dangerous and unsafe to use.

In this case the homeowner phone because the steps were loose and making creaking noises. We went to their home in Mississauga to inspect and to see what we could do with the deck steps. Upon careful looking over the steps we found that some of the stringer which attaches the treads to the steps were rotten. Furthermore the base of the stringer was also rotten so it wasn’t sitting flat and firm to the ground. The railing was an integral part of the steps meaning that it was attached for security to the bottom of the stringer which was no longer solid and secure.

After looking over the situation and assessing the damages caused by years of neglect and not paying attention to any

 deck repairs

we decided that the steps would have to be removed and rebuilt along with the handrail. None of the old parts such as pickets, fence post and handrail along with the stringer, risers, treads could be used over there were all far gone to be reused.

The first thing that have to be done was to demolish and disassemble the step assembly  leading to the wood deck. The best way to do this type of thing is to disassemble in part by part and piece by piece which makes it much easier afterwards to organize it and throw it into the rubbish. When you take these parts apart and put them into a bundle the garbageman will remove them but you cannot throw out parts of stairs in front your house.

This wood is no good for your fireplace  It is  just garbage. This type award is to dry wood burned far too fast to be of any heating consequence. Especially true if the wood has had multiple coats of paint on it.

for more information and an estimate on your wood deck repairs and replacement or possibly power washing of your deck and staining/painting please call Vic at 416-568-3547 for Toronto and Mississauga.

toronto carpentry company

Homeowners need all kinds of different

Toronto carpentry company

services everything from rough framing additions through to repairing and building wood decks at the back of your home.

 Toronto carpentry company
installing deck railings

Carpentry is a skill developed through practice and learning techniques and practices along with being able to use mathematics to calculate measurements and angles. Geometry plays a large role in assembling a sound structure that will be safe and secure from collapse.

The reason you hire a professional Toronto carpentry company is to ensure that you are having a safe and sound installation of whatever it is that you are assembling or building or repairing. The last thing you want is your world structure to collapse when you stand on or when you move it or close it or open it.

In some cases not only does good carpentry have to be sound and safe but also has to look aesthetically pleasing. When assembling a wooden structure obviously the more wood you assemble to make the piece the more it gives you the security of structural integrity but not necessarily so. Wood Placed and inserted strategically in the correct positions and angles can reinforce the structure much more effectively than using excessive amounts of extra wood making it look like it’s been reinforced. This not only makes the structure possibly ugly and cumbersome to move due to the excessive amount of lumber added to it weight wise and size wise.

Rest assured you can have a good strong sturdy safe deck without overbuilding it which in turn also wastes money on lumber and time. For more info please give us a call, Vic at 416-568-3547 Mississauga Ontario

Is it a good time to paint in the winter?

Painting in the wintertime can be done just as effectively as in the summer. Matter of fact painting in the winter the air is more drier making the paint dry faster and harder sooner.

Today’s eco-paints are formulated in such a way that they do not cause such an environmental health hazard. the VOC’s In today’s modern paints. As paint dries it leaves an odour and some light fumes called VOCs which are negligible basically unless someone has a supersensitive pair of nostrils. If the smell of the paint is not offensive which it wouldn’t be for 90% of the people do not worry about the paint fumes they will do nothing.

[metaslider id=2407]Painting in the wintertime can be to your advantage because

professional house painters

in the winter are always slower because many of the painting projects are performed outside doing exterior painting.

To keep the men employed and busy painting most

house painting contractors

drop their prices in the wintertime. House painting shouldn’t be a seasonal type occupation therefore the painter should be working your round. This is a good time to employ and hire a house painter or condo painter to do those painting projects which you have been thinking about. Take advantage of the good deals that are offered in the off-season.

Typically for example you might have been quoted $1000 to paint a one bedroom condo in downtown Toronto in the summer months but if you decide that you would be interested having it painted in the winter months you might be able to get a discount and take advantage of the seasonal slowdown in the painting business.

For example when

is not busy we can afford to drop our prices slightly to accommodate better value for your condo painting and house painting. This is also good time to consider having your stucco ceilings removal done in the off-season. Stucco ceiling removal is becoming a common task because most people are getting bored and tired of looking at the old-fashioned pebble textured ceilings. They are not removing the stucco and refinishing with flat ceilings.

The cost of this operation primarily depends on whether the ceilings were previously painted or not. If the ceilings have been painted over the stucco then maybe more difficult to remove the stucco thus more cost is involved in labor and materials. But if the stucco had never been painted before then it will come off much easier and quicker leaving a smoother finish sooner. Ultimately at the end it needs to coats of finish plaster to complete the job before a final coat of flat latex paint is installed. And finally you have a beautiful flat finished drywall ceiling you would find typically in higher-end homes of recent.