Condo paintings touch up

We recently just finished a condo paintings downtown Toronto, and the customer called us back to do touchups after the new hardwood floor was laid. when hardwood floor (floating floor) has been installed there usually is a gap between the floor and the baseboard.

This is taken care of by a shoe molding which goes over the edge of the baseboard covering the hardwood floor. This gap is required because if the floor is put tight up against the baseboard when it expands it is going to buckle.

After the shoe molding has been installed then it will be caulking and putty to fill the cracks and holes. Then it will be painted With the same baseboard paint.

In this particular case the flooring installers were quite careful not to get any marks and smudges on the walls and trim. For that matter there was hardly any dust on the walls also even though they did do flooring cuts in the condo. These flooring installers in particular were careful not to ruin any of the condo paintings performed on this condo.

When we were called back to do the final paint touchups on the walls and trim there was very little left to do except the odds spots here and there and some other spot that the homeowner noticed wasn’t quite smooth enough for their liking. We replaster to this small cove to make the tiny walls flat and smooth. Then we did walk around and dust off all the dust that was on the baseboard to make the baseboard pop again with a contrasting white collar to the dark beige walls.

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Condo painting ideas

condo painting Toronto

When people buy condos in Toronto they usually have been repainted before they move in. Most the time when they have it repainted it is because it is the original white builders paint generally people have called the tone color basically

Usually when the new condo owner have their condos painted they paint the condo in a modern and contemporary color and shade. Many times all it needs is a fresh coat of paint.
On occasion condo painting is done because of damages from previous tenants. We do drywall repairs and stucco ceiling damage repairs to bring back the condo to life.
Sometimes the homeowner is tired of the old color schemes and they want to have a nice fresh look to their condo. And this is when they call Toronto condo painters to help them decide what colors to choose.
Condo painting can usually be done in one day depending on the size of the condo. If there are drywall repairs and other extra painting involved then there are additional times involved.
You can calculate approximately $150 per room for painting. Additional coats and drywall repair are added as an extra.

Condo Painting Toronto

This is a condo painting tip that you can use if you have limited time and budget for painting. You have to keep your labor time and costs down by using one single type of paint and color. Using a white color such as cloudlike which is a CC 40 color from Benjamin Moore. This allows you to paint the entire room walls and baseboards giving a nice fresh clean look without much time spent on careful painting with the paintbrush the baseboard.


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