Mississauga Home Renovations

One tip for home renovations is being able to revert back to the original if the renovation took away from some of the qualities of the home and resale value. Typically one thing that people do is modify bedrooms to suit their needs and requirements.


3. Taking out a bedroom

It’s common today for people to transform a bedroom into a huge master closet or into a home office with a built-in desk and cabinet. If you do, make sure the room can be easily turned back when you put the home on the market. Buyers with kids may need that bedroom. They’ll see the room you converted into a home office or closet as more money they’ll need to spend to turn it back into a bedroom.


A home office is the easiest to undo, as long as you haven’t built in intricate desks, shelves and cabinets. A large closet generally goes within a master bedroom, which includes taking out a door or putting up a wall — all of which is harder to undo.

Originally from : http://www.zillow.com/blog/2013-05-27/5-home-renovations-that-could-hurt-resale/

home renovation
home renovation tip number 1, you can turn your bedroom into a home office

authored by: Vic Nagy

Condo painting

Condo painters Toronto for hire

Condo Painters Toronto

Condo painters

Hire Condo painters toronto and mississauga

for your Quick and convenient service Condo painters in Toronto probably have the most experience around since you’re thousands of condos.

One of the first things that you must do before you move in into a pre-owned condo is to give it a fresh coat of paint. The new paint will make your condo look like new and ensure that it will match the colors of your furniture. If you have the painting know-how, you can buy some paint and repaint the condo yourself. However, it is best to hire professional condo painters to do this job for you. Read this short guide to learn how to hire a good condo painter for your unit.

Determine the Areas to be Painted
Before you call a condo painting service, you must first determine the areas or rooms that you want to be painted. This way, when you call, the condo painting service, they will be able to give you an estimate of the total costs for the paint job.

Decide the Paints and Colors that you Want to Use
Next, you’ll need to decide on the paints and colors that you want to use. If you can’t think of a good color, get a paint chart for major brands of paint at paint stores or general home centers. You can also ask the condo painters for suggestions on the best colors for your condo.

Contact Several Condo Painting Companies
It is best to contact several condo painting companies so that you can compare their rates. Ask your condo neighbors, friends, designers, and builders for recommendations. If you are having difficulty finding the right painting service, go to an internet search engine such as Google and type “condo painting service in [enter your city here]”. If the condo painting company has a website, read their customer reviews and testimonials to find out if their past customers are satisfied and happy with their paint jobs.

Have Your Condo Inspected
Once you have found some good condo painters, give them a call and invite them to your condo to have it inspected. Have them quote a price for your condo’s paint job. The total cost will depend on the number of coats, number of areas or rooms to be painted, and the brand of paint that will be used.

Choose a Condo Painting Service or condo painters in Mississauga
Select a condo painting service based on their track record, price, and your impressions. You should also execute a contract that specifies the total cost, work to be done, start date, estimated completion date, and payment schedule. The contract should also include the colors, paint brands, and number of coats to be used for every area that will be repainted. You should also make sure that the contract specifies that your chosen condo painter is responsible for the cleanup and removal of unnecessary paint on all surfaces (e.g. floors, windows).

Remove your Furniture
If your furniture and other belongings are already inside the condo, remove them before the condo painter is scheduled to start. You can also pile together your furniture and belongings in the middle of the room and then cover them with drop cloths to protect them from wet paint.

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Painters Tape

Painters tape is very important for a variety of reasons. The reason you use painters tape is to keep paint off whatever you are painting around.

  • 1st it keeps paint splatter and sprinkle off your baseboards
 paint splatter and painters tape
paint sprinkled and splattered on baseboards can be prevented by using painters tape


  • 2nd it helps you paint a straight line with your paintbrush or roller.
  • 3rd it allows you to paint between taped parts that you could not normally paint without getting paint on one or all the parts such as between a light switch cover and a thermostat cover which in some cases you cannot remove one of the other.
 taping around electrical outlet
taping electrical outlet


  • 4th painters tape can also be used for doing wall graphics such as vertical or horizontal bars or stripes.

    Wall stripes blue and light blue
    Wall stripes

Author : Vic Nagy 416-568-3547

Mississauga House painters.

Mississauga house painters

boiled down into a nutshell.This is a quick start video on the general procedures on house painting.It covers everything from paint preparation and covering to all preparations and trim preparations using plaster, sanding and scraping paint. It also covers minor details as removing doorknobs from doors and if you happen to run into some stains bleeding through your paint they talk about sealing the paint from bleeding through. They will show you the process of using a sash brush painting a window. Little tricks of cleaning up overrun from the paint onto Windows and type the paint scraper they use. They discuss rolling paint onto the wall and how to take care the roller after  you use it.
Our Mississauga painting company employees the newest methods and practices for painting your home. We use the best quality paints such as Para paints and Benjamin Moore paint, General paints and Sherwin Williams. These paints are the most professional and well formulated paints for both wear resistance and quality of looks. The colors are consistent from these companies as opposed to some companies that can’t keep their colors the same.

Not only do we use the most modern methods for each area painting but also we use first class modern painting equipment such as high-quality paint brushes and rollers. By using high-quality paint brushes and rollers you will get a smooth and even paint finish every time on your walls. We use our painting equipment professionally day after day which requires a high quality of workmanship built into the tool. What good is a paint brush if it doesn’t paint a nice even clean straight line crisp and accurately you’re wasting your time. The difference between a professional a paint job and an amateur paint job is in the quality and accuracy of the workmanship end this is a result of using Quality painting tools which most homeowners would not want to invest into because it would be wasting their money for a one time deal such as painting the bedroom or painting the living room.

This is a good little video to get you the general feeling of what you need to know for performing interior house painting

Auhor: Vic Nagy 416-568-3547

Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Antique Finish


Kitchen cabinet Painting


There are people who like giving almost all their belongings a personal touch.  And choices range to diverse fields and one of which may go the direction of achieving a vintage charm.  One way to do this goes by painting kitchen cabinets with an antique finish.


Painting supplies are pretty much the same with just an addition of stain.  Stains are use to achieve an antiqued look.  Keep in mind that stains can darken the entire appearance of a cabinet.  So say that the end goal is an antiqued cream finish, white can be a great choice for paint color and a medium brown stain can go with it.


When doing this for the first time and unsure of the results, it may be a good idea to buy sample paints and stains first to mix and match the combinations and see what suits well for the look that people want to come up with.

Painting kitchen cabinets with an antique finish also go by the same steps as usual painting jobs.  Make sure to prep and prime the cabinets.  Also go by the usual two coats of painting.  Afterwards come the beginning of the fun part.


Distressing is one option when trying to achieve a vintage look.  After drying the coats, distressing can be done by sanding back some of the edges, grooves and corners of the cabinet.  It can be done with as few or as much depending on personal liking.


Afterwards, start staining the cabinet.  This can be done with the help of sponge and make sure to use disposable gloves.  Remember to work fast because stains are very quick to dry.  For those who only started painting kitchen cabinets, it may benefit them by practicing first on scrap woods.


Beginning the work, apply the stain quickly to one side and make sure that it is damp instead of dripping.  Working on one section, fold a paper towel into fourths and start pressing onto the stains and begin wiping off in the direction of the wood grain.  Follow this step in doing the rest of the surfaces to achieve an antiqued finish.


Giving household items a new look and personal touch can really help brighten up a whole room while taking advantage of its budget-friendly cost.  Therefore, Painting kitchen cabinets with a fresh antique look can possibly do the trick while sticking to a tight budget plan and not having to consider buying a new set of furniture.

Author: Vic Nagy–416-568-3547