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Month: October 2013

House Painting Tips

Painting Your Home Tips

House painting boiled down into a nutshell.This is a quick start video on the general procedures on house painting.It covers everything from paint preparation and covering to all preparations and trim preparations using plaster, sanding and scraping paint. It also covers minor details as removing doorknobs from doors and if you happen to run into […]

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Paint rollers.

Paint rollers can make or break your job. Also they can wear your patients very thin. Cheap rollers not only do they leave a bad finish they also leave trailing edges and unsightly marks as you roll the paint on. Cheap rollers not only do this but also do a lot of paint sprinkling which […]

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Ways to Paint Your House's Exterior

¬†Fresh¬†Paint A fresh paint task has the power to totally transform the look of your house in less time and for less money than any other remodeling task. That thin skin of resin and pigment also secures your investment, shielding it from rain, sun, and wind– until the paint starts to break and peel, that […]

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Topping Your Home's Exterior Before Painting

  On many unpainted outside surfaces, the standard operating procedure asks for a primer coat followed by two topcoats of paint. This treatment is likewise recommended for any painted surface that requires significant scraping and repair works. You could be topcoating just because the surface is dull or because you want a brand-new color. If […]

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Selecting Indoor Paint Color

  Paint is the most convenient and most affordable method to update a room’s look. Choosing the right paint color or colors is a big part of the procedure. Begin by examining the space. Consider the amount and kind of light it gets, any architectural features to be highlighted, and areas to be minimized. If […]

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kitchen update ideas on a budget for those who want something new

Kitchen Update Ideas on a Budget Okay so you are planning to do some home improvement, and you have some ideas floating in your head about your kitchen makeover, some of the thoughts would be, light fixture, pot rack, hanging pots, bright white, stainless steel, kitchen sink. You’re trying to fit all these thoughts together […]

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How you can Paint a Home Outside

  Painting your home’s exterior doesn’t need to imply employing a team of specialists. With a couple of simple steps and the right tools, you can do it yourself– ensuring your home’s beauty season after period. How to Paint a House Exterior Prior to you begin your exterior home painting job, keep these steps in […]

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Painting the Exterior

Painting serves 2 purposes– to enhance and to safeguard surfaces. Beautification takes a more prominent function in interior painting than in exterior, where defense is your greater concern. Appropriate surface preparation is equally crucial in accomplishing both purposes. Preparation is the most lengthy and tough aspect of any painting job, although it is also the […]

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