How to paint over wallpaper

Every once in a while homeowner  either house painting or condo painting has to paint over  wood paneling in the basement or paint over  wallpaper in a room. The chances are you don’t want to get into a big construction job by removing all the paneling and then re-drywalling. Sometimes previous homeowners put paneling over bad drywall to cover up the bad condition of the drywall or wall. The walls might have lots of cracks and imperfections in it, that would make it harder to repair and it’s easier to simply just simply put paneling over and hide it but since handling is no longer in vogue or it has gotten discolored, yellow and dirty and it’s time to freshen up the room and make it lighter and brighter.

Basement wood paneling is very common in older homes. To start with I suggest priming the wood paneling to identify any cracks or holes or imperfections at which time you can either caulk in any cracks or imperfections and fill in nail holes. You could’ve seen prior to priming.

If you’re planning to paint over wallpaper I recommend you use a non-water-based primer to seal the wallpaper. Because if you use water-based primer it will bubble the paper creating you more difficulty. Once you have primed the wallpaper was either a shellac-based or a oil-based primer then you can do all you repairs whether it being wholesome in the drywall from pictures or bad wallpaper seams. You can plaster over all of these areas without worrying about bubbling up because you didn’t prime with special primer.

These are some of the reasons why a call “house painters Toronto” because they know what to do in these situations.

I have found a great little video on this that you might be interested in seeing on painting over wallpaper.

How can I ensure I use the highest quality paints?

Vaughan condo painters don’t skimp on quality paint. We buy paint out the best value for the dollar which means most the time we use top line paints. The same should go for the private homeowner and even more so because using top line top-quality paints help get the job done faster and nicer. Top-quality paint supply smoother and cover better. Top line paints also have better coverage per square foot store you will get more painting done for your gallon of paint.


Vaughan house painting – quality paint

Also top line name brand paints such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams have a higher content percentage wise of titanium oxide which that helps with the paint coverage along with other additives that will also increase such things as wash ability and durability. Some other effects that these additives do include giving the paint a more of the ease of painting (goes on smoother and easier), doesn’t sprinkle as much, more fade resistant.


 Benjamin Moore paints
The Painters painting baseboards

 Benjamin Moore/aura kitchen wall paint.

Quick tip on using high quality paint or any other type of paint: your paint job is as only as good as the preparation work that you performed prior to painting. If the surface has not been cleaned and free of dust and grease/cooking oil steam on ceiling and walls for your kitchen cupboard doors the paint won’t take. Even the best of paints and primers won’t work if they are painted onto grease since  grease is not stuck to  kitchen cabinet doors or  kitchen  walls or ceiling.

Toronto Painters

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Markham house painter explains: cutting in

Painting how to cut in, like anything else using the paintbrush requires a certain amount of skill. This skill is usually acquired by practice. When you’re practicing your cutting in with the paintbrush for example at the ceiling door try to hit the mark the first time especially if your novice painter. Even a good qualified experienced  Markham house painter needs to warm up to create a rhythm for continuously cutting in straight at the ceiling. The best way on how to cut in nicely and evenly is to start well below where you want  cut in line to be. As you move your paintbrush from one side to the other merge upward moving forward watching the edge of your brush deposit a crisp clean line of paint.

Care has to be taken not to deposit to heavy a cut deposit as you are painting with your brush these heavy deposits of paint will show up through your finished paint job. This type of fact will eventually give your wall a boxed in look so be careful not to leave too much paint from the brush. Try working out your card and at the bottom so it evenly transitions into the wall.

Next time I will talk about choosing the right paintbrush, novice painters, house painter helpers and more “painting tips” on my blog.


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 house painters
House painter carefully painting wall at ceiling.

House Painters

House painters are dedicated professional team of qualified and experienced tradesmen who can handle the various aspects of preparing and updating your house’s appearance.

You might call painting contractor for various and different reasons. Your home might be in excellent condition and all you want to do is just simply change the colors on your walls, and there are no drywall repairs required. This is the simplest and easiest form of house painting. Almost no one has a house that doesn’t need some type of small repair. Unless this house is being very frequently repainted and at some point lately all the repairs were done.

Another reason why you might want to hire a painter is if there were a lot of drywall and trim repairs that had to be performed to give the room a nice clean look and the painting was the finishing touch. Preparation work is the key to a good quality paint job. If trim work joints have large gaps and openings in them and the nail holes from mailing the trim on to the wall were still exposed or nails were still protruding from the wood, these would have to be fixed by driving the nails into the wood and fill them with putty and then prime them and seal them. Gaps are also large problems where the trim is separating from the wall here to the professional painter will be able to neatly and cleanly fill in the gap creating a seamless transition between the wall and trim with such things as Alex plus paintable caulking.

Professional painters are also very handy at guiding the homeowner towards the proper choice and selection of paints. Through his vast experience from painting different homes and offices, condos and apartments, he will have a good idea on what colors and color combinations are widely acceptable in their contemporary for the times. The painting professional will also be able to devise you on the sheen level of your paint he can explain to you the differences between flat paints and satin paints, eggshell paints and semigloss paint. There are washable flat paints and non-washable flat paints which will be slightly cheaper. He can also tell you that if you want a paint to be somewhat washable you might consider using an eggshell or semigloss paint. These are washable because they already have a shiny surface that doesn’t retain dirt as easily because of the nature of the paint, it is not as porous as a flat wall paint would be.

A professional house painter knows his job and knows what he has to do, he is efficient and thorough and well practice. He knows how to start a paint job and knows the process all the way to completion. He covers everything with plastic and drop plus throughout the room protecting everything that’s in the room and when he is finished then he will replace all the furniture he had moved back into their original positions and replace the carpeting if there was any. He would put all the pictures back on the walls if need be and clean up the room with either a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop. He then would invite the homeowner to come in and inspect the paint job and if the homeowner was happy with the paint job than he would present them a bill for services rendered.

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toronto painting company

 Toronto painting company spray painting
Toronto painting company,Deck spraying on top of scissor lift.

Toronto painting company page.

Toronto painting company has been operating in the GTA since 1979. If you’re looking for a honest reliable efficient and highly professional painting company you might want to consider

Our Toronto painting company comes with years and years of references ranging from a former mayor’s house all the way to and a brewery in downtown Toronto by the CNE. Talking about the CNE exhibit booths in the CNE. We have also painted for PepsiCo, city of Toronto and many many construction companies over the last 30 years.

Our Toronto painting company can do fine custom detailed painting work as required in homes all the way to industrial spray painting corrugated roofing decks in plants and warehouses.

Our preparation work for painting is second to none we can be as meticulous and careful as expenses allow. Even in such instances as something sounding very simple where a customer who owns a factory or warehouse wants to repaint (spray paint) their corrugated roof deck. This sounds simple but there is a lot of preparation work involved in such an activity.

Safety is one of our main concerns. Safety is for the benefit of both the worker and the customer. We are covered by Worker’s Compensation Board (wsib).

This Toronto painting company interacts with the customer on a personal level on a one-on-one basis to ensure that the homeowner or factory owner or manager receives the painting services required.



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What Kinds of Paints to Use?

 bad smell and dangerous debris

Low Voc Paints are becoming more and more concerned for both the homeowner and the painter. Our Toronto House painting company in most cases now use low voc paints and all applications where latex paint is being used. When you are painting a large wall surface in a living room or bedroom that is a lot of square area that is admitting gases. Knowing this we have converted to using these special paints to prevent health problems that may occur.

This day and age things have drastically changed because of the environmental regulations on pollution. Not only do we have to concern ourselves with air pollution but also with ground pollution and hazardous toxic wastes. Most paints were made previously with all kinds of nasty chemicals in them and that would affect the environment and also the painter.

When the painter is applying the paint especially those highly toxic paints the ones with lacquer solvent base and even worse xylene which is even a more potent chemical it would get into their lungs and sometimes make them dizzy and even nauseous and headaches and so on. So the immediate effects were already seen at the very beginning of the painting application.

Some oil paints are not as bad but still are relatively nauseous to smell and also get into the bloodstream creating light nausea and headaches for some. The latex paints in the beginning were extremely powerful ammonia solvents that would keep the rubber dissolved while the latex was being painted. But these paints were still using toxic additives which were being phased out

Very lately with the eco-friendly paints being developed they are mostly latex paints with the addition of some hybrid paints that are oil latex mixture that can be washed out with water instead of mineral spirits/solvents.

This video below will tell you all about voc paints and their properties and  what these paints don’t have in them making them dangerous to breathe and be around.


For more info please contact us:

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Stucco ceiling repair

Textured Ceiling Repair

stucco ceiling spraying
stucco ceiling spraying

There are a lot of reasons you’re popcorn ceiling requires repair work.

You could have had water damages from a leaking roof covering or an upstairs restroom commode or bath tub overflow or potentially also damaged or dripping plumbing system pipelines.

In some cases it could simply be a water stain/tarnish in the stucco, when this occurs we often spray “kilz” stain blocker likewise a similar product  you can use would  be “bin“. There are various other stain/tarnish blockers called Benjamin Moore’s “SPS”  stain/tarnish blocker are the most popular brands. This is essential to make certain that you have the tarnish entirely secured with these items before working with the tarnished location in your stucco ceiling.if the blackened area is recognizable, we touch it up with white paint if it has actually been repainted in the past.

If the  ceiling has  never ever been painted, then spraying with an aerosol is the only way to safely apply the white paint due to the fact that this does not soften and smoosh  the stucco around as the stucco obtains moist from the paint it will certainly moisten up and somewhat liquefy and you do don’t want this.

On one occasion we had to contend with a butchered ceiling by the electrician. Electrician was hired to install a bunch of pot lights into an existing  ceiling. Since electrician is not a drywall specialist nor a stucco repair man the attempts that he did in stucco repair and spray were horrendous. We first of all had to sand smooth flat to the ceiling all the places that he had made an attempt at stucco spraying and drywall repairs. Then we have to prime the entire ceiling to make it consistent throughout. With all the pot lights removed we spot sprayed lightly the flat plastered areas to give it a quick light texture of stucco. Since the rest the ceiling was already stuccoed it did not need as much fresh stucco as if it were a bare drywall ceiling. What the areas that were fresh needed two coats to make it look good.

Once the spot sprayed stucco had set we proceeded on spraying a light coat of stucco spray on the entire ceiling quickly giving a uniform look.

“Toronto painters” is your  ceiling specialists in repairs and stucco ceiling removal and drywall repairs serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Richmond Hill .

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Markham painting companies estimate

Painting estimate is done in different ways by different Painting Contractors Markham – Some  painting companies measure everything and compare it to pricing per square foot or linear foot or per gallon of paint. This type of pricing is not as flexible as it should be  reflecting the economical climate.

Markham painting companies estimate

Toronto painting company residential painting
painting company painters at work

The way that I find to be the most competitive and effective painting company estimating is done by straight time plus materials.   When we arrive at a painting estimate we do a general review of the entire home or whatever needs to be painted. Once we have a good overview of the entire project then we will go section by section room by room and item by item  calculating the time that it will take to perform each operation per item. Once we have added up all the time for all the painting operations we will come up with a grand total of time needed to perform the interior painting or the exterior painting.

Once we added up all the time we then multiply it by the hourly rate required to perform the painting work.

For example if we have a house to paint with a room that had extra millwork or trim work installed and we noted the amount of time that it would take to paint or stain the extra contents of the room it would be noted on the timesheet. And if the customer wanted to adjust or take away items that all we would have to do is remove that section of time required to do the painting work or staining work.


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