Tips on kids room painting

Tips on painting kids room

Room Painted
interior house paintng

Tips on painting kids room

If you’re planning on interior house painters  and need some tips on painting kids room and your child likes dark colors and they are asking to have a dark colored room such as dark purple or something like that you can satisfy them by meeting them halfway and painting one feature wall that color. If you paint a whole room a dark color you will lose light reflection and the room will seem to be darker and also seem smaller. I also suggest that you paint with an eggshell paint because this paint will be more washable than a flat paint would be.

Sometimes we paint half walls that are 3 feet from the floor up sometimes designing it as a fence look-alike or sometimes we just put graphic bars and stripes on the walls in a variety of different colors to give the room some life.

Quick note, we recently repainted a bedroom where a young man grew up in. At that  time  he  enjoyed the wall colors that he talked his parents int. The wall colors on the two opposing walls were dark blue one with a window and it. And the other two longer walls were a crimson red and the ceiling was white but with 1 million decals on it all put up with some type of self adhesive sticky goopy substance.

Most of these decals came off but some of them caused a problem by either pulling away the paint from the ceiling or leaving a sticky substance that could not be painted properly. and in this case these areas had to be cleaned off either by fingernail polish remover that dissolves most glue of this nature or by scraping it off and sanding.[wpseo_map width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”-1″ map_style=”roadmap” scrollable=”0″ show_route=”0″ show_state=”1″ show_country=”1″ show_email=”1″][wpseo_address show_state=”1″ show_country=”1″ show_phone=”1″ show_phone_2=”0″ show_fax=”1″ show_email=”1″ show_url=”1″ show_opening_hours=”1″]

painting in downtown Toronto

Painting Condos and Apartments in Richmond Hill

Condos Painting and Apartment Painting

are exactly the same, as far as residential painting jobs goes. The only differences in the ownership. Generally though condos have a higher quality in them. One of the main reasons one might choose a condo over a house is the money. There is a major difference in the initial investment from a condo to a detached house for example. Condos range in sizes from very small about 500 ft.² or so all the way to large two-story 2000 square-foot don’t honestly, and even larger living areas. The painting process is exactly the same whether it’s a an individual home or a condo or apartment. Richmond Hill condo painters paint equally well in regular house painting or condo painting/apartment painting.

Since condos do tend to be somewhat smaller in size and more compact it’s important to choose the right colors and shades for your interior condo painting or apartment painting and decorating. Condos usually have less lighting and generally get light from one side of the building since the other side is probably hallways. Of course if you’re fortunate enough to pick a corner unit which has  living room window from 2 different sides to your condo. Knowing this Richmond Hill condo painters will be able to assess and suggest various colors and shades taking into account the lighting entering your condo or apartment. It is important to be able to view your condos living room or bedroom or any other room in different times of the day because this will give you a different light reading and reflect colors in different ways. Richmond Hill condo painters have been condo painters and apartment painters for 40 years and know a thing or 2 about condo lighting and the type of shades of paint that work well with what’s available or direct sunlight coming in from windows.

Richmond Hill Residential Painting – Condos and Apartments

always feel neutral colors such as something that has the word “white color” in the name of the paint always tend to work well in most situations. Obviously due to the size of the condo or apartment the darker the shade of the color smaller the room will seem. Light colors tend to reflect more light which in turn will make the room more spatial. On occasion if your room is mostly a light white type of collar you might want to break it up with one accent wall which can be either complementary color or the opposite color.

To create a strong allusion of space one of the tricks we use is to paint everything all the same color removing any contrasting trim work such as doors baseboards or window frames if everything is the same color and shade and shine level everything seemed to• and disappear causing the room to be larger in size than it actually is. This is one of our best painting techniques and tips for smaller condos and apartments.

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Exterior House Painting

exterior painting of houseWe have over 30 years experience painting as one of the top painting companies in toronto the exterior of homes in the (GTA) Greater Toronto Area, and from that experience we can tell you the trick to a fantastic exterior painting job has to do with the prep work.    If the surfaces of the house is not prep right before applying paint it can dramatically affect the life of the paint job.

When you hire us to paint the exterior of your home we:

  • Scrape and sand all loose and peeling paint down to a sound surface
  • Prime all bare surfaces with paint primer
  • Wash or pressure wash chalky areas and mildew
  • Remove and mask all hardware to protect it from paint
  • And much more!

Above are the necessary steps required to be done before applying paint.  If those things are not done then the new paint will quickly chip and peel off.   We are professional painters who have once painted the exterior of your home do not want to be back for several years.

Whether you need us to paint the interior of your home or the exterior, rest assured it will be done ‘right’ the first time!

Why Use Us to Paint The Exterior of Your Home?

  • Over 30 years experience!
  • We get it done ‘right’ the first time!
  • We have respect for you & your property!
  • We completed projects on-time & on-budget!

Contact us today for a free estimate on exterior painting of your home, condo or apartment units at 416-568-3547 or click here to schedule an estimate.

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choosing home interior paint colors

I found a nice little video on YouTube about choosing home interior paint colors. I suggest going to the paint store and pick up the fan deck or at least color sample charts of the colors you might be interested in. Once you have your color samples in hand then it’s a good idea to go around and match the color samples to the various objects such as furniture, carpets, pictures and any other permanent thing in your room.

Richmond Hill painting

Note these are colors. It’s a good idea to play around with the colors in your room designs and program instead of experimenting on your actual rooms to get an idea of what something might look like and feel like. There’s actually a number of sites that have different ways of experimenting with colors in rooms. This particular video is suggesting You can even download some tips on choosing home interior paint colors. from their home design tips section.

Painting white is a good idea How to choose the right color for your room,

Painting white, beige walls in condo

Painting white

I recently uploaded a video onto YouTube where I discuss Painting a condo in white. There are all kinds of different shades of white. Having condo painting in white doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to look white. The positioning of your light for example casts shadows off of your floor and furnishings. This being said, if you put the same paint exactly onto 2 different walls let’s say 2 perpendicular walls they will reflect light in a different way making the look like they’re different colors even though they’re exactly the same color. White is a very strange thing it can make 2 identical walls look different color. This also goes with painting certain types of pastel sandy kind of colored paints. I’ve had where customers would say that the paint is in the same part in reality is exactly the same paint but the way the light hits it and reflects from it makes it look like a different paint. So the same story goes for White paint. White paint can be tempted towards “warm colors” which would be in the zone of orange, yellow or brownish tinges mixed in with a little bit of red and orange colors. This gives you the illusion of warm colors. Where as if you used a blue hint in your white or even black and in very small amount would make it tend to be a “cool color”.

Therefore if you have a pure white wall and it is surrounded by bluish colors or greenish colors, the wall will reflect back a bit of “cool”. Another nice thing that can be done with white paint is if you put a few drops of color into the white paint it will give it a certain hint of the color Without actually demonstrating the color with full power.
A pure white condo sprinkled within a few accent walls can greatly break up the unexciting humdrum look of a room. Painting accent colors will definitely give the room some design and Interest. This feature wall can include such things as special furniture or it can be eight television/Entertainment center. Feature walls can also be placed behind bed headboard walls which will enhance the look of your bedding.
It is important that you purchase a high quality “white paint color” to paint your walls and rooms. White paint will show up anything that is dark within it as a blemish. As everyone knows if you want to see a problem with something you put on top of a white cloths to be able to clearly see and identify what you’re looking at and the same goes with the walls. If there’s any dark material embedded in the white paint it will show up, or if the white paint is not strong enough to cover the underlying coat behind it, the paint will be too see through making it look bad.

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Toronto Decks

Toronto decks

this is the time of year when everyone is outside enjoying their backyard and decks. If a homeowner does a regular maintenance on their wood decks and fences they will increase the life of the deck or fence by a few years. The number one problem with most decks that I have seen it and they allow a buildup of organic materials. This organic material after a while decomposes, rots and makes a black surface. Like anywhere else in the house you have to clean your floors same as your deck floor. The deck floor outside can get even dirtier sooner because the constant traffic and elements affecting it.

People take the way their deck looks for granted and don’t wash it to maintain its good looks. All it takes to wash it is deck washing soap especially formulated for wood decks which you can buy at most stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s or Rona. Then all you need to do is spray the cleaner on let it sit for a while working on the dirt and then scrub it with a special deck scrubbing brush and then afterwards rinse it off with your regular garden hose. Doing this process will eliminate premature deterioration of your deck. Most Toronto decks and Mississauga decks, Richmond Hill decks suffer from this type of situation that we have worked on.


Painting companies bring in the color!

Have you ever walked into the home of a friend or family member and wondered if anybody really lived there? Many houses, especially new houses, are painted in a bland and neutral way to appeal to the broadest possible cross-section of people. Essentially, the goal is to strip all remnants of personality from a house so that anybody can envision themselves living there. If you’ve just bought a house and want to make it into your home without sacrificing the elegance and design of the space, you can easily add in pieces of your personality by adding in color. Hiring a House Painter Saves You Time and Effort

Color is one of those things that can instantly set the mood and feel of a room, and painting the walls or ceiling can allow you to give your house the personality that it needs to feel like home. Don’t be afraid to choose bold or bright colors if they make you feel good, after all, you are the one who has to live in the house. If you are afraid of too much color, do an accent wall or even the ceiling in a different color than the rest of your walls. You can make a room “pop” pretty quickly and easily with just a simple change on one or two walls.

Another great thing that can be done with color is different texture designs. Want to give your kitchen the feel of an old world café? Have a wall or part of a wall painted to resemble stone. Do you want your den or man-cave to have an outdoorsy feel to it? Why not try out some wood grain effects with the paint? From marbling to wood grain, there are tons of different painting effects and techniques that can really make any space stand out and you can definitely find painters in Mississauga with the expertise to help you turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Richmond Hill painting companies

When it comes time to start looking for painters, Richmond Hill has a huge selection. If you want the job to come out right though, it’s best to choose an expert painter with years of experience, especially when it comes to working with bright bold colors. A great painter can help you choose the best colors for any space and allow you to express your personality within your home. There’s no reason that your house can’t be as warm and inviting as you are while remaining neat and elegant at the same time. A great paint job can even make a designer house feel like home.

Looking for the most experienced painters? Richmond Hill is where we have been painting homes and businesses for over 30 years. We can help you choose colors for your home that reflect on who you and your family are and the mood and tone that you want to set for the room.

Toronto House Painting Special

We welcome any one to comment or question or say something that might help other readers solve  any of their  house painting problems.

We get a lot of calls from homeowners who are putting their homes up for sale and want to paint it first to make it more presentable for selling. Homeowners are also not sure what colors to paint their homes so they asked me what are my suggestions for painting their interior walls and possibly there wood trim in their homes.

Toronto House Painting Special

 Toronto painters painting your room
Toronto painters painting a room.
toronto painters (02)
Smoke damage done by cigarette smoking over the years how to be sealed with special primer.
toronto painters (03)
Ceiling and wall painting almost finish now.
toronto painters (06)
Large wall areas painted first with roller. Top edge of ceiling now Will have to be brushed in.
toronto painters (07)
Torontopainters ready to brush in the top of the wall to ceiling.
toronto painters (08)
Toronto painters make sure no paint or dust goes anywhere where it shouldn’t.
toronto painters (09)
After the brushwork is done the painter feels in the rest with the roller.
toronto painters (10)
Toronto painter adjusting paint job on the ceiling.

Toronto Painters is offering a room painting special pricing latex paint on walls applying 2 coats of paint on all the walls ( certain conditions apply,”colors used,extra repairs,feature walls” etc).

I usually comment back by saying ” consider yourself as the new home buyer and what would you like to see  when you go to look at a home?” The first thing that you want to look at is the condition of the walls and trim. You want to make sure that there are no holes or scratches or dents in the walls or trim. You probably prefer larger and brighter spaces also so to accommodate this sensation it is wise to paint everything very like neutral colors. The light neutral colors will reflect more light  making the room look larger and brighter and spacier.


Curb appeal is very important for selling  homes and for home staging. To really show off your home, first of all it should be neat and tidy showing its roominess. When we paint homes for the purposes of home resale it does recommend going like colors such as light beiges or very light pastels. When you are using these late colors your walls will reflect more light creating an illusion of more space in the room. So was a combination of leaving just key piece of furniture in the room and painting the room and very light color, when showing your room to a prospective buyer make sure your lights are on and window shades are wide open to allow sunlight to come in if the house is being shown during the day.

Custom Furniture

English: Photography of particle board with ve...
Particleboard veneered to look like oak trim

Custom Carpentry

Recently  Toronto Painters was contacted from someone who was looking for Carpenters in Toronto to make them a wood bench for their hallway in the entrance of their home.

Looking for the right furniture.

This homeowner was looking for some quality furniture. had gone to many different stores looking for exactly the type of furniture that you wanted and found something at IKEA. But the problem was that the quality of the workmanship and materials they used to build this furniture wasn’t quite up to her standards.

Furniture quality and workmanship.

IKEA furniture looks very nice in most cases it’s good enough what it is not high-end quality custom-made furniture. Most if not all of the furniture bought from most furniture stores these days is made from particleboard or MDF. Even the trim work trimming all the furniture is made from low-cost artificial wood. These products are manufactured on assembly lines where there put together on a permanent type basis. They never think about if something had to be repaired how would the repair person be able to fix the cracked wood or split wood or even if a joint is starting to open up. These furniture assemblies are made with staples and glue. These are sturdy permanent assemblies not allowing for any type of easy repairs.

Materials used in the furniture.

The wood/ lumber products that they make look very attractive and modern. But the quality is only skin deep and heaven forbid if something should happen such as a break on the end of a piece of wood or screw working itself loose and stripping the wood molding or wood trim.

 Reasons for custom-built furniture.

Another reason for purchasing custom made furniture is that you might not be able to fit a mass-produced store-bought piece of furniture into a certain space available in your room or hallway or closet. Also for example if you wanted to match the trim work on the cabinets that you’re having custom-built you can use the profile of your existing trim work in your home on this cabinet to make it look like a part of the home.

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Paint Brushes Used by the Best Painter Are Purdy


Paint Brushes
One of the Paint Brushes

Paint brushes

Toronto house painters very frequently use Purdy paint brushes

the best painters always use Purdy paint brushes to get that quality painting work done quickly and neatly.


These paint brushes are a professional quality. they can be purchased at Home Depot paint brush  When using these brushes you will find that they hold a lot of paint and retain a straight crisp wet edge as you glide along the wall cutting in the ceiling.
These paint brushes maintain a good quality condition for long. Time provided that they are cleaned properly. Paint brush maintenance starts in your hand. The less dirty you get the brush with paint the less you have to clean off the paint at the end.
To clean these paintbrushes the best way is to soak them under running water until there is no more milky water coming out of the brush. When you are getting finally a very clear drain out of the brush then your brush will be good for the next time.
Here is a quick video on handling a latex paint brush

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