Apartment painting

Apartment Painting

Apartment painting
Painter painting wall buy ceiling with a brush painting a nice straight line.

Furnished condo Painters and Furnished apartments Painters 

can be a little tricky to paint since obviously apartments and condos aren’t as spacious as houses are. Interior  painting can be done in many cases at 1 or 2 rooms at a time. Many times our condo painters will remove all the furniture in the one room and move it into the adjacent room or bedroom. This leaves enough working space for the painter to move his ladder around the room. Then we  cover the floors, and furniture. When everything is covered and protected then we start wall repairs if there are any, such things like nail holes from pictures or cracks around doors or windows. After all the preparation work is done to the walls and trim we do our finish painting. After condo painters have finished the  painting in that one room  then we move the furniture back into that room and place the furniture from the unpainted room into the painted room and start all over again without wall preparation and then the interior painting of the apartment.

No matter, the apartment or condo is big or small the painting job is handled carefully protecting all the furnishings and belongings.Many cases we ask the homeowner to handle and remove more delicate possessions to a place of safety.

Paint used:

Apartment painting paints
paints helps you breath easier

There is a new breed of paint which are low in the VOC which will not be as offensive smelling and harmful health wise. Most paints purchased in the store now are regulated by the government and don’t allow toxic paints to be used residentially or commercially.

Sometimes the apartment is spacious enough that all we have to do is put the furniture into the middle of the room, and put drop cloths all around the perimeter of the room by the wall to do our wall and trim painting.

Here are some  ideas you might be interested in looking at : http://www.houzz.com/paint-colors-for-apartments

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How can I pick the right colors?

Markham residential painters can help you choose your colors.

Learn from our experience from painting 1000’s of homes,we’ve seen a lot.

Picking light colors lean toward opening up the room giving it the illusion of space and brightness. Most people will probably pick something light over dark. (Also consider what furniture you putting in to that room because if you’re putting some larger red furniture or even a large red carpet in there  then the walls will reflect a pink shade.)

Darker shades give the room some warmth and depth. Instead of painting the whole room a darker color try just taking one wall making that your accent wall with that color. This way you don’t run the risk of making the room feel smaller and darker than if you painted the whole thing dark.

Easy, interesting tips for choosing color

We are Mississauga painting contractor and I get a lot of different questions on house painting. Below is a resource that I have found very useful and the  ideas might interest you too.

Are you planning to paint your home?

The best thing about paint is it’s a cheap and easy way to change your life. Bored? Paint! Change your mind, paint again! Afraid? Start in a closet or laundry room. Color will completely change your mood.

Here are some easy, interesting tips for choosing color:

  1. Afraid of color but bored with white? Pick a neutral that you love but go one shade darker to add some interest. If you’re worried about how it will look on the wall, start in a closet or laundry room but remember, light, both interior and exterior, will dramatically change the color’s appearance.
  2. Use a contrasting color on an accent wall such as behind the television or on the window wall.
  3. Paint the ceiling a color. A couple of shades lighter or darker than the walls is safe and creates an interesting contrast. I suggest a couple shades lighter in a small space so the ceiling feels higher. In our sunroom, the walls are green (obvious choice!) and the ceiling is the same color. I wanted it to feel like you’re outside in the trees!
  4. Paint a small powder room black. Yup, it’s fabulous. Black actually makes the room seem larger as the walls disappear. Artwork and gold framed mirrors really pop against the black background.
  5. Change the sheen. Eggshell creates a matte and less reflective finish. Try high-gloss on the ceiling to reflect light. High gloss on trim makes them easier to wipe clean. Remember, high-gloss will show bumps and dents so make sure you have a smooth surface.
  6. Try a different beige. It’s easy to stay conservative with a gentle move toward the mushroom, coffee or khaki beiges. Going toward a color is safe, but warmer and far more interesting to the eye.
  7. Don’t forget brick. I always paint brick fireplaces to match the wall color. The room looks more spacious and clean. I paint the mantels the same color as the rest of the room’s trim.
  8. Lighting makes a big difference. Your walls will look slightly different at different times of the day and the 4 walls will look different from each other. Natural daylight shows the truest color; incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows; fluorescent lighting casts a blue tone.
  9. Buy a small “tester” can to try out colors. Paint only one wall or a large space on a single wall. Let it dry. Look at it at different times of the day and evening to determine if you like it before you commit.
  10. Remember, paint darkens when it dries.

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Kitchen painting

English: A fitted kitchen
English: White kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kitchen painting  In Toronto

is probably one of the most popular painting projects in the home. Kitchen painting has probably the biggest impact on home improvement in your house. The kitchen is the hub of your home, this is the place where almost everyone all the time converges. People go into the kitchen for a lot of different things to do besides eating.

Looking for nice fresh new look for your old kitchen, this is something like having a brand-new car in your driveway it just excites you in knots what you can do when you redo your kitchen. Most kitchens by the time we get around to painting them are starting to look used. Such things as spots on the wall where there used to be a piece of tape holding a memo or possibly places where something was on the wall and removed and never prepared and filled in. Just plain dirty and never cleaned properly.

Just by repainting the walls and ceiling you will give the room a fresh clean look that will make you feel good about being in the room. Just by putting fresh new light colors with a certain amount of shine will give the room a lighter and brighter and illuminating feel and look. If you go one step farther and you repaint your kitchen cabinets to a modern current lock you will think you’re in a new kitchen. There is a difference in white paints for example and if you have some kitchen cabinets that were previously painted or came in a white color Jost by re-painting them again with pure white, you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes because a brand-new white finish all looks brighter than an older white paint finish. Colors over the years fade and lose their vibrance. Even though it is white paint that your painting over top of a fresh coat of white paint will make a considerable difference in most circumstances.

Paint Calculation and Disposing of Empty Paint Cans

 Paint with  Interior Painting Services

When planning to do painting with an interior painting services you must plan ahead
doing the paint work in itself is some cases is not easy and is difficult for some people especially if they are new at any interior painting or exterior house painting. Planning and preparing starts with how much paint you will need to purchase for the project. Try to be as accurate as possible to prevent a surplus amount of paint left over on your page purchase.

Problems with leftover paint
people when they are not sure of how much material to buy they like to buy more paint to make sure they will not run out a material in the middle of the job. This is a problem if you will not be able to use all the supply. Homeowners aren’t aware of all of the disposal of unused refuse in most cases and will try to dispose of it in bad ways.

Calculate amount of paint needed

assess what painting you are going to be doing, things to look at would be the size of the room such as the amount of wall space for example a room that is 9 feet wide and 10 feet long this is a total of 38 feet times the room height let’s say 8 feet which will give you a total of 300 ft.² which is approximately 1 gallon of material. Some companies paints stretch farther than others do, usually topline high-end paints go farther than cheaper box store paints.

Left over paint
can still be used.If you have leftover paint that you can use for touchups you can start by keeping the can securely sealed, I usually keep my leftover paints in an upside down position with the lid on the bottom to make sure that it is airtight. Every once in a while I will shake the can to ensure that the paint solids and solvents don’t segregate and separate. I have reused paint up to a year later but only if I occasionally shook the can to make sure everything was still properly stirred.

Getting rid of unused paint
is not so easy. If you have any neighbors or friends or relatives you might tell them you have some paints left over they might be interested in. Usually people will take pains that are not deep in color because they can recant the paint to the desired color they would like.
You can also find people or organizations that will take donations of paint that they could use to hand them out freely topeople who need them.

Paint recycling
is one of the paid programs Ontario has in place. Since we pay and “eco” fee on every purchase of paint we buy the  store there are some designated paint recycling depots in Toronto. We usually take our used and leftover supplies to “Home Depot”here they will take your unused paint and paint cans where they will either dispose of them by recycling them or taking the contents to hazardous wastes sites.

Empty left over paint
Typical used paint left over












Left over house paint
House paint left in paint cans









Open paint cans with left over paint
Leftover paints










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Choosing the best colors of house paint

Sometimes you want to spice up or redecorate a room in your home. And sometimes the choosing of “colors of house paint” is a difficult process. And the more you think about it the more stuck you get. I read an article where they had downloaded a program from the place called “Resene”, this is a New Zealand company that you can download a room coloring program to help you generate some ideas on choosing colors of house paint for individual rooms.

Once you get the hang of the program and you can start playing with it, it might give you some great ideas for color schemes. Once you realize what color combinations you like  you can go to the paint store and see them in real life. The computer screen only gives you an idea of what you might like but in the store you will be able to take some samples of various items such as dinner plates or coffee cups or drapes or something else that you might like to coordinate with.

Since you played around with the program you have a good sense in which directions you might want to be looking at for color choices and combinations.

Another way deciding what colors you might like is to give us a call here at “Toronto Painters” and we can talk you through your decision-making process of choosing your “colors of house paint”.

Do residential painters make sense?

Recently, a customer who was planning to sell their home contacted a real estate agent. In the conversation that followed the real estate agent had suggested to repaint the condo a gray color for home staging. This color wasn’t even a light gray it was a medium shade. The agent did not suggest to repaint the trim which was already a slightly creamy white, this means the trim paint had  a mixture of yellow or brown in it. A yellow or brown hint indicates a warm color sensation. Where as gray if not also mixed with a little bit of yellow or brown will tend to be colder in nature. And this tends to give the combination a weird look.

The walls originally were a beige color but they were dirty, and because of this they needed to be repainted to make it look clean and fresh. The trim work blended nicely with this original wall color but when the gray color was installed onto the walls it made the trim look out of place. This was a total mismatch and non-complimentary to the wall color which was now a light to medium gray. If the gray paint  had some yellow in it it might have worked better with trim paint.

In home staging Toronto is quite active many people these days who intend to sell their homes look into home staging as a better method of selling their homes. As one of many mississauga residential painters, we have enough experience to identify this type of a mismatch quite easily. We know that if we painted the walls grey and left the trim a light creamy white it wouldn’t look right.

Mississauga condo painters for hire

Condo painters in Mississauga and in Toronto are quite busy with condo repainting at the end of the month. When purchasing a new condo you are only allowed a few visits prior to taking possession of your new condo. It is wise to take careful observations of all the different details that you might want to do prior to moving in. Once you have purchased a condo on your 2nd visit you should take a camera and make close inspection of any details that you might want to change such as which walls to paint. Possibly you might want to also paint all the ceilings and baseboards and doors. You might want  to replace some doors or even you might want to replace your closet sliding door with some other kind of upgrade door. You might also need to carpentry work done on your doors and trim. A lot of times when owners take possession of the new condos they do some minor renovations such as replacing doors baseboards. Some new owners will even install, all things to enhance the looks of their new space.

It is wise to take a prospective photograph of the item you are trying to talk about. For example if home owner has a damaged stucco ceiling it is wise to take an overall picture of the ceiling in that room, and in the same picture to give you some idea of the height of the stucco ceiling  and the shape of the stucco ceiling and its surrounding areas. This will give the painting estimator a better overview. The same idea goes good for painting kitchens and painting bathrooms. Being able to look at a picture in both perspective and detailed shots will give the condo painters a better idea on pricing the condo painting job.

Vaughan residential painting services for you

If you want help with Vaughan residential painting, TorontoPainters.org can help you choose your colors.

Learn from our experience from painting 1000’s of homes, we’ve seen a lot.

Picking light colors lean toward opening up the room giving it the illusion of space and brightness. Most people will probably pick something light over dark. (Also consider what furniture you putting in to that room because if you’re putting some larger red furniture or even a large red carpet in there  then the walls will reflect a pink shade.)

Darker shades give the room some warmth and depth. When engaged in interior residential painting instead of painting the whole room a darker color try just taking one wall making that your accent wall with that color. This way you don’t run the risk of making the room feel smaller and darker than if you painted the whole thing dark.

Vaughan painting contractors make it easy

Selecting colors are in part decided by the amount of natural daylight that is available indirectly reflected into the room. Lighting plays effects on colors. There is a certain group of beige cream colors that when light hits it certain angle it changes the way the color looks and you would think that one wall was different color than the other wall.

Vaughan painting contractors

Painting your wood trim and baseboards and doors a pure white or a contrasting color will definitely make your trim work or your walls popout.

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