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Mississauga commercial painters is a growing business. When we 1st moved out here over 30 years ago there wasn’t too much happening in Mississauga this was before all the new condos and the Marilyn Monroe buildings were built by square one. But now since Mississauga’s rocking and rolling and and its population is actually quite large. One of the biggest portions of all painting business is commercial painting.


Commercial painting can be similar to residential painting accept usually the projects are of much larger scales than a residential home.  Some other variables include the necessity to work specific hours of the day/night.  This is to work around the hours of the existing business or office.  Also, in many cases we encourage the commercial business to use low VOC paints to minimize disruption within their business environment to their clients and employees.

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You can  hire  our interior and exterior painting  experts for Mississauga houses and Brampton and Oakville and Milton Ontario and Streetsville Ontario, with us you are worry free knowing you have one of the best Mississauga house painter in the area. Whether you want to do some interior painting or some exterior painting.

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Author: Vic Nagy

 Mississauga painters commercial spray painting
Deck spring on top of scissor lift.

mississauga house painter

Mississauga house painter page.

Mississauga house painter is generic for different types of homes for painting. About half of our home painting work involves condo painters because there are a lot of condos in the Mississauga area.

There are different types of condos such as townhouse condos and high-rise condos in Mississauga of which we paint. The townhouse condo is slightly easier to access for painting these usually have a designated parking spot which is a lot easier to work from than working from an underground parking garage where multiple trips on an elevator to the designated floor the condo is situated on.

Painting a townhouse condo in Mississauga is very similar to just painting a regular detached home. All the painting procedures are identical for all the different types of homes we paint whether it is condo painters, house painters, town house painters. They all have walls and ceilings and trim such as baseboards and doors and door frames.

 Mississauga painter painting staircase and hallway
to tone staircase and hallway

The difference between painting and condo and painting a condo townhouse is that there are different rules for both properties.

The most convenient for the Mississauga house painter is a detached home where there are no rules or regulations. The rules are set by the owner. The owner doesn’t have to ask anyone about anything such as garbage disposal, a parking spot, making noise after hours and so on.

Mississauga house painter can make is much noise as allowed by the owners convenience. Many times when we are doing some wall repairs or fixing some broken or cracked wood trim work we make noise. And in some buildings this type of noise is not allowed in certain times a day.


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mississauga house painters

Mississauga House painters  have been painting homes in Mississauga, Brampton and surrounding areas for over 30 years and we have had very very few negative experiences. Some customers after meeting with them, we as the painter or the buyer(customer) have to be comfortable with each other.

Mississauga House painters

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In selecting a painter, not only must you look for someone that you’re confident will do the job well, but also individuals that you’re comfortable to have in your home; often when you’re not there, for hours on end.  Ideally, seek professionals who your friends rave about.  When it comes to parting with your hard earned cash to have your property painted, it can be the most satisfying feeling to get it right and have results exceed your wildest expectations.

After all we will be going to home for number of days interacting with you and your family while we are painting your home. There is nothing nicer than a friendly atmosphere between us. In cases where the homeowner is present in the morning times or they come home in evening the paint job can be reviewed and discussed. The painter can schedule with the homeowner the next days projects and review the days work.

Author: Vic Nagy  phone 416– 568 – 3547

mississauga painting company

House painting in Mississauga Tips.

Tip 2:  if you are painting a room that requires more than 1 gallon of paint,Mix several cans of paint in a large bucket for a consistent color throughout the room.

Paint can have variations in for example if 2 cans of paint were made at different times in other words different batch numbers. Or another situation might be that the person in the paint store was not able to make a perfect 2nd gallon of paint. This the reason why you want to mix up all your painting into one can to make sure that everything is exactly the same color and shade.

 painting tips
Tip 2: pouring cans of paint into large bucket for consistency

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Mississauga decks

Deck repair season is coming up soon.

Hopefully you have done your deck maintenance and got your deck ready for the winter months. I suggest to all my customers that at the end of the season when you’re tree leaves have all fallen in your deck and is covered with leaves and broken pieces of greenery stuck between the boards and is covered with leaves all over you should clean it all off.

  • Cleaning your deck should be done by 1st sweeping off the large leaves and things that can be easily swept into the garbage container.
  • Next I would remove any foliage between and under the boards that can be easily accessed (this is a good place for moisture to retain and cause rotting)
  • Once your general deck cleaning is done wash your deck off with water and a deck brush and this will remove all the dirt on top and the dirt that is in between the cracks and fissures on the boards (when the cracks and fissures fill up with dirt and attract moisture this will cause the crack in the board to widen as it freezes creating a larger crack for next year)
  • Mississauga decks cleaning
    Mississauga decks cleaning


  • Mississauga decks cleaning
    Mississauga decks cleaning Power washing

    On some of our applications it is required to put a light topcoat of the original stain for added protection for the following year (of course weather permitting and temperatures permitting).

If you take care of your deck and generally do good maintenance every spring and fall your deck will last years longer.

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If you do not have a power washer then you can just use regular garden hose and a deck scrubbing brush to remove dirt and mildew. We usually use a pail of water and light detergent scrubber down and then afterwards hose it off with a hose with a nozzle on it and a medium spray setting to be able to dislodge the dirt. At this time it would also be wise to tighten and screw down any loosening boards or railings ensuring that frost won’t break them open even more.

by: Vic Nagy

mississauga basement renovators

 Mississauga basement renovators

can add more space to home,it is as simple as making a finished basement. Not only does it add living space to your home but also gives you a new sense of excitement and interest in your home.

Basements are no just space for storage purposes but also as upgraded and extended living space that can accommodate families. There are lots of possible options to uplift the value of your home, and one of which is to consider ideal basement finishing. Finished basements do not just increase property value but elevates the everyday living condition. Basements are highly beneficial part of every home for these provide shelter in case of emergency cases but finished basements can do more for the entire family in terms of security and protection.

Once you have your basement finished not only do you have additional room now but you could relieve some of the access crowded furniture and items from your main level into the basement which will make your house seem more neat and tidy. This way spreading your furniture across multiple rooms gives gives the house more of a organized feeling.

One of the apparent reasons why homeowners need to finish their basements is to increase the square footage for living. Unfinished basements can function as storage unit but finished ones can be another game room, office room or living room. Parents and other members of the family can surely enjoy the immense benefits finished basements could bring. You can find escape from annoying noise or you can bring your kids downstairs and play.

I finished basement can relieve the wear and tear of rooms in the main area of the home leaving it more pristine and clean for a longer time. Sometimes all it takes is one large room in the basement for general activities such as get-togethers or watching TV. Basements also make good hobby rooms.

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After all what is a room it is for walls and the ceiling creating and enclosed space for whatever you want. It can be made very simply and cost-effectively If  kept Simple and basic.

For further information call Vic at 416-568-3547 in Mississauga Ontario

 Mississauga basement Renovations
all it takes is a little drywall as you can see this

mississauga carpentry contractors

When you’re building something out of wood like for example with this picture below with the man putting a new casing above his doorjamb, it’s easier to mark and visually see what you have to cut. As you can see with the piece of molding he is holding in his hand he has a perfect visual representation of what he doing. He turned the piece of door casing upside down and then marked the way it will look when cut to length. This is the most accurate way of doing this.

The only care that has to be taken into consideration here is making sure that your angles are perfect. The vertical door casing must be exactly perpendicular to the horizontal casing. On fine detailed assembly I usually miter cut as close as possible and leave the last little bit to a small block plane or sandpaper.

When making these fine adjustments you have ample time to slowly shape the correct joint angle to make a perfect fit. The trick here is not to hurry and not to over a sand or plane. Do this procedure in small increments and keep on trying to fit it until it fits perfectly.

Avoid using numbers

 carpentry tips on measuring

Don’t measure: It is more accurate to mark trim in place than to measure and then transfer numbers. It’s easy to misread a ruler or to confuse numbers while walking to the saw.

It is usually more accurate to hold a board in place to mark its length rather than to use a tape and involve numbers. Sometimes, using a ruler or tape is unavoidable. I’ll use a tape measure on a long piece that’s too difficult to mark in place, but generally I don’t like tapes. A tape can flex and change shape, and the movable end hook bends easily, affecting accuracy.

A rigid rule is better than a tape for measuring lengths under 6 ft.; hence, the 6-ft. folding wooden rule takes over during trim and cabinet work. The best folding rules come with a sliding brass extension that makes taking inside measurements easy. Open the rule to the greatest length that fits between the points to be measured, and slide out the brass extension the rest of the distance. Hold it at that length, and carry it to the board to be cut. No need for numbers. Just mark the board from the extended ruler.

via Ten Rules for Finish Carpentry – Fine Homebuilding Article.

Experience and the proper tools of course do make a huge difference. When you are looking for a perfect carpentry job done it is best to call the experts who can do your company work efficiently and effectively and at the right price. Don’t hesitate to call now, Vic at 416-568-3547 if you are interested in having any trim work done such as baseboards, door casings and shelving’s. Or even exterior carpentry such as decks, wood fences and fence gates.

richmond hill house painting

Sometimes we want to paint a house or just a room.But we find the paint to be a high in price and affordability.When you get a paint quote from a painting company and have them include the paint they usually charge $50 or more for 1 gallon of paint.What about having just the labour for the painting and not include the paint and you will supply the paint here are some ideas for acquiring cheap paint:

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Repainting a room is a quick way to freshen up your home, but at $30 a gallon, premium paint is no picnic -– especially considering that a mid-sized bedroom could require two to three gallons.
If you’re ready for a new look, but don’t have a lot of money to splurge, these seven tips will help you update your wall colors without spending a fortune.

Good paint sale

Watch for sales from paint stores like benjamin moore paints or sherwin williams paints or box stores like home depot  selling their behr paints products.They often have buy 2 gallons get 1 free or buy 2 gallons and get the second for 50% off. Sometimes they will include some other perk that might interest you  saving you money.

Author: Vic Nagy

toronto home renovations beautiful house paint colors

Choosing your house paint colors is a personal taste preference. If you’ve been contemplating on some type of home renovation but you’re on a budget you might consider house paint colors as a cheap and easy way to do your home renovations.
You have to take into account the styling and layout of your home (whether these are open spaces with plenty of lighting or they are small boxed in rooms with limited amount of lighting).

One of the ways to give your old home and fresh look at little cost investment is to transform your hallways and stairways. This is the main artery of your home where you pass through to different areas of the house. The hallway and stairways connect to everything such as your kitchen and dining room and laundry room also powder room, family room, den and so on. And of course when you go upstairs there are large walls around the staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. This can also be painted in different ways and designs to give the staircase a totally different look and give your home fresh feel .

beautiful house paint colours
A very light pastel sage color fits anything. I

Some ideas for staircases to change them from dull and boring to stunning and exciting is by painting them “sage green” this is a very versatile color that fits most homes.

toronto painting companies

New condos Toronto

 new condos

are an in thing these days. There were all kinds of new condos being built in Toronto. Most of these condos will be sold with the basic paint job leaving the new condo  painter to do their magic to the new condo decor. New condos in Toronto are going up in the hundreds and they will all need interior condo painting

 condo painting
Painter painting condo wall with brush.

sooner or later. New condos Toronto generally have a cheap low-grade all-in-one paint. Many new condos Toronto can paint entire condo units in just a few hours using spray painting and low-quality low luster fill and finish latex paint. Their primary concern for interior painting is to make the condo look fresh and clean. Toronto condo painters treat your condo the same way they do interior painting in a private house. These condos also have the same features as houses do. They can be built with beautiful doors and baseboards and also they can include such things as wainscot and crown molding along with fireplace mantels and built-in shelving and bookshelves. Toronto condo painters are more than qualified to paint your new condo Toronto home give us a call 416-568-3547

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Author Vic Nagy