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Toronto house painting
Toronto house painting

About Hollywood  Painting Toronto 


is your one-stop painters in Toronto’s interior decorating and painting company. Operating in the GTA since 1979 serving Toronto Etobicoke, North York, Rexdale, MississaugaBrampton,  Our services are home painting, drywall repair (stucco ceiling repair and removal), and carpentry in Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan Ontario. Our painting work is second to none you will receive good and appropriate value for the amount of money that the job is set up for. We can do a quick and efficient budget painting all the way through to high-end meticulous house or condo painting.

Our Basic Painters in Toronto House Painting

Besides our regular house painting home painters, Toronto also does many different types of carpentry work to upgrade the interior and exterior of your home. We can remove and replace your baseboards, doors, and window casings. We can install crown molding and bookshelves. Also, we can repair stucco ceilings or remove them altogether and make a nice flat smooth ceiling. We also can refinish your kitchen cabinets to your desire.

Need some home painting done professionally? Since you are not a painter but looking for a professional paint job you need to hire a painting company with years of experience and know-how that made many customers thoroughly happy as per our reviews. We do beautiful interior work quickly and efficiently. We have been doing this for many years since 1979 and are very quick and efficient to please the customer. Without please customers, we won’t have as many reviews and we have lots of reviews.

We are happy to give you a free estimate

Give us a call for a painting quote. Painting estimates are free of charge. Generally what we asked you are some questions concerning your home and what you want to paint. First, we might ask you for some general information about your house or condo. We would ask you exactly what it is that you want to paint is that the entire home or a part of your home. Are you looking to have just your walls painted, or are you looking to have your walls ceilings trim painted? How big are the rooms in your home and how high are your ceilings? Are the ceilings flat or are they popcorn? Have the ceilings are being painted before? Getting to your interior walls, do they have any damages? Is it a color change? Are you planning on doing any accent walls or doing graphics on any walls?

Questions about your house trim – are they going to be included in the paint job? What type of trim do you have in your home? Is the trim color being changed? Are there any broken trims? Are the hinges painted around on your doors or have they painted hinges?

Are you thinking about kitchen cabinet painting? If you want to paint your kitchen cabinet is it a color change? How many kitchen cabinets you have? Are there large kitchen cabinet doors are are they regular size doors? Do you want to paint the inside of your cabinet?

Our Toronto painters in Toronto painting company service

when we come to your door to commence the paint job punctually on the time you’ll be nicely satisfied shortly. We will change the way the house looks and get to look the way you want. We can transform all your walls into a thing of beauty nice and clean and bright.

Not to worry all your belongings will be protected with plastic and drop cloths specifically meant for painting companies. If you have some tattered-looking walls will make them look brand-new. We prepare all your walls with spackling filling in any cracks or holes or getting rid of imperfections such as mismatched drywall or Unsanded drywall

Possibly there were some previous repairs done that need to be repaired, plastered primed, and painted.

Wallpaper removal

We also remove wallpaper, removing wallpaper sometimes might be more difficult than it seems because you will have drywall damages occurring when removing the wallpaper. Sometimes wallpapers applied over non-prepared surfaces making for a difficult time to remove but we are experts at this too.

We Are Professional Residential Painters For All Your Residential Painting Needs

Toronto painters get called for many different reasons when it comes to home painting. Our professional house painters can paint your home however you would like it. We can give you some advice and what is in vogue right now since we travel to many different homes to do house painting. If for example, you are looking for a painting company that can beautify your home and make it look more presentable for home staging and give our professional painters a chance. You wouldn’t believe just simply painting your walls what a difference it makes. This is the biggest bang for your buck. When we paint your walls not only do the walls get color on them or get rid of the color that’s on them but also we make sure that the walls are in absolutely perfect condition no walls no cracks and no see-through paint. We give it a depth in color. Now that you have all nice fresh-looking clean walls you might also consider painting your trim which will give the room a whole new feel. This will definitely give the room contrast and depth and make it surprisingly new and fresh looking.

Give our Toronto painting company a call

You have nothing to lose by finding out how much you can do with getting your home painted. You might be surprised at what a new home looks like after you get your house freshly painted.

Call our painting services in Toronto for a free painting estimate.


Toronto Condo Painting Or Mississauga Condo Painters

Toronto Condo Painting Serving the Toronto area since 1979. We provide professional painting and carpentry services to the Toronto region. Our Toronto residential painting services include interior painting such as complete entire whole homes, condos or apartments in the residential painting category. Our interior painting services will include drywall preparation which would include fixing and plastering any holes or cracks in the drywall.
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Toronto House Painting

We Also Paint Apartments

Toronto House Painting and Condo painting/apartment painting including Office painting. by Toronto house painting services, include wall preparation such as plastering, drywalling, filling and sanding holes, and then priming. All of our wall and trim painting is done with high-end Benjamin Moore paint and high-quality tools and materials.
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painting in downtown Toronto

Condo Painting

Condo and Apartment Painting We have 40 years of experience.

installed new colonial series hollow core doors

Interior carpentry

One common interior carpentry upgrade is changing the baseboards.

Custom Kitchen Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Interior Condo Painting Interior Painting

Why Choose Us


Some of our testimonials

I would like to thank Vic for making this experience a pleasurable process and to commend him on a great job. I am very proud to show off the newly painted house and that is due to the hard work and quality job of Vic Nagy.

– Rohit Prajapati Home Owner

We contracted them to paint our office. They were great about working during our off hours obviously in the wee hour of the night. I was super impressed with their clean up after the day.

Michelle Nincelle Business Owner

Toronto Painters did our entire house from head to toe. Big job and they did not disappoint. Project was completed on time and it even came in under budget.

Charles Ship Home Owner

Vic was great ,I really just wanted my place painted without making a big deal about it or have it disrupt my life too much. I didn’t want to spend hours getting multiple quotes from other painters either. I was amazed at how quickly the job was finished in one day I had 3 rooms painted and it looks great. Vic was able to move through the job so quickly and easily and really it wasn’t a big deal at all   the whole thing was quite painless! And extremely cost-effective! Highly recommend.

Heather Munroe Home Owner

Vic and his team were amazing! We were on a tight schedule and they pulled through to get the job done. Place looks fantastic.


Wow what a group of fast professional painters, they have performed an excellent job at my house and my business, I have recommended them to my Brother and close family friends, every single person is very happy with their job. They are quick neat fast and very efficient with very strong professional ethics , they have delivered the job on time and no hidden cost surprise.

Muhammad Chaudhry Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customer service, and quality construction.

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